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ENG513 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for ENG513 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are ENG513 Current Papers 2022. ENG513 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these eng513 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give eng513 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Short questions 

Key aspects of DM

Term Counselling 


LTM in Europe 

What is stress and how learner is liberated from stressful situations 

Materials and resources for lexical approach

ENG513 paper.  

Some paper from file

*18 mcqs all from file

*Enlist 3 problem of teaching and learning writing english

*3 cooperative grps names

-4 dimensions of ideology (5m).

-D/f silence and repetition(5m)

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Q. LTM in Europe

Q. LTM in Pakistani classroom

Q. Limits of successful monitor

Q. Define five C,s


Mcqs totally from file.

Direct method

Three types of community language learning

S.p.e.a.k.i.n.g abbreviation

Difference between competencies and job performance

teacher roles in Whole language classroom.

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Mcqs from file

Language own words

Three theoretical views language 

10 activities for DM method 

One advantage of competencies according to Lerner's views ar ak statement the jus m btna tha ky research kai khte h

Eng 513 



Theoretical views of language 

5 c’s by savignon

Competencies approach

Mcq’s were from files

Competency and job performance

Ek Silent way method tha.

Ek grammar translation method ka btana tha agy ajeeb statement.

It is very hard to live without language.

Silence and reptation


social awareness relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Define language own word

Difference silence and repetition

Aik Q tha project banye according to Ml bana dia main my bhi Jo gap aee

Multiple intelligences... Mai report bnani th or us Mai kya krty hyn wo btana tha

Enlist the names of Saigon's five goal areas.


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