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MGT211 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these mgt211 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mgt211 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Maslow's question (5 marks) mcqs v thy 19 chp sy 

Manager motivational difficulty es type ka aik question tha ab yaad ni (5 marks)

2 question (3,3) marks k thy

Today mgt211 

28 or 29 mcqs thy mcqs basic basic thy join stock company sy related ik silent partner ka mcqs tha

Ik mcqs tha qorld trade organization sy related 2 mcqs trading sy related thy public limited company sy rltd mcqs tha ik 

Franchising sy related 2 3 mcqs thy  baqi question thy 

Join Stock Company k related 2 long question thy

Aik Question 3 marks tha strategic alliance ki definition or iska purpose

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MGT211 Midterm Past Papers

My today's MGT211 midterm paper

Date: 12Jan 2022

Timing: 2:30 

Expectancy theory 3

Training off job candidate 5

Partnership firm and partnership dissolution main difference 5

Advantages of sole proprietorship 3

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MGT211 midterm paper 

1. Minimum members of public limited company should be (7)

2. opportunities

and threats are the part of (external environment)

3. GNP calculated to account for changes in

currency value (real GDP)

4. (Sole proprietorship) is the oldest form of business organization

5. A partner who neither contributes in capital nor does he take part in the management of

the business but allows his name to be used in the business is known as (nominal partner)

6. Winding up of company is done by except (government)

7.advantage of cooperative society (elimination of Middlemen)

8. What type of products & services we are going to offer is part of (marketing)

9. Which is not right of franchise (use of building)

today paper mgt211

mcqs jo aieye hovy thy conceptual 

Q. aik bndy shop lgaie milk sheikh ki mgr chal na ski possible failur reason btani thirst

Q. being a student of business characteristics of business

Q. management pr note


Mcqs bhut easy thy 

Slides read kr lien mcqs surely sb correct hu g 


Motivation theory

Sole proprietorship 

Difference b/w pvt and ltd

Last wala yaad nahi 

My today's MGT211 midterm paper

All the lectures that were excluded from syllabus were included in MCQS portion

So must prepare lecture 17, 18, 19,20 for MCQS

Total 32 questions 

2 Short questions of 3 marks 

Question 1: Replacement chart and its features

Question 2: Three fulfilments needed to obtain the certificate of commencement

2 Long Questions of 5 marks

Question 1: Mr. Ali has Rs.10,00,000 and 15 years of experience in cloth sector. He wants to do some business. Which kind of business you will recommend to him. Write any four characteristics of that business.

Question 2: Define Marketing and write its revolution stages

Mgt211 paper 

Total 32 Ques 

28 ️ Mcqs

4 ️ Subjective

Q.1 What is Cooperative Society and who supervises the cooperative society (3 marks)

Q.2. Write 2 methods of training to enhance employee skills (3 marks)

Q.3. Write methods for motivators to Entrepreneur to make a new venture (5 marks)

Q.4. Briefly Discuss two methods for job satisfication for employee in an organization (5 marks)

Mgt211 Today paper 

Time 12:00

Quiz handout mai sy thy.  . files sy km hi thy....

*Short question* 

1; Cooperative society and it's features

2; General requirements for importing some thing

*Long question* 

1; Organizations adopt to fulfill the safety and physical needs of employee

2; Advantage and disadvantage of sole trade business


28 mcqs thy 

2 Question short thy 3,3 number k

2ono short question conceptual thy

2 question long thy

1 question private limited *aur public private limited m difference tha 

2nd q

conceptual b tha r tha b lec 17 k related tha

Mgt 211 today's paper

Two-factor theory of Hygiene theory ....3

Stationary meeting....3

5 Marks waly 2 question conceptual thy 

Mcqs bi conceptual thy 

MGT 211 

Objective mostly conceptual thy lkn zayda mushkil nai thy.. 

1. Why HR management is important for all manager.

2. Stages of stock market production


1. Ethical behaviour of managerial approach.

3. Motivator for entrepreneur for new business start.

Mgt 211

28 MCQs 

What is Strategic alliance and purpose of it 

Rights of customers 

Long question 

Distinguish between join stock company and partnership based on 1) availability of capital 

2)owner's liabilities for debt of business 

Q2) If CEO lunch a new project. How other managers Help him in order to make project successful


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