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MGT301 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for MGT301 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are MGT301 Current Papers 2022. MGT301 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these mgt301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mgt301 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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McQ Kuch easy thy kcuh conceptual

Difference between need want and demand 5 marks

Define culture and characteristics of Pakistani culture marks 5

Define media 3 marks

Business buying behavior participant explain

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MGT 301 

All MCQs are conceptual 28 mcqs

Short question

1. differentiate between selective attention and selective retention

2. Differentiate between declining demand and full demand

Long questions

1. Write down any five actors of micro environment

2. Briefly explain consumer buying process steps

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Mgt301 Mid Term

28 MCQs mostly from theme 5 & 6.

Explain production concept (3 Marks)

Explain organizational factor (3 Marks)

Explain factors affecting business buying behavior (5 Marks)

Enlist 5 publics who have an interest in organization to achieve its goals (5 Marks)

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Today MGT301 paper. 

Most mcqs are conceptual

Shor 1 customer equity

2 ethnographic research and observational research difference

Lone 1 growth types 

Long 2 consumers buying behavior btana tha inka 

a mobile purchase

b hand wash purchase

c sofa purchase


All mcqs conceptual. 

Question 1 

Difference between observational research and ethnographic research.

Question 2. 

What is irregular demand?


Question 3...  5 marks

Mr. Zahid lahore sey karachi shift howey hain to apney dost k sath new furniture buy krney hain brand shop pr. Mr. Zahid ko furniture pasand aya hai ab btain ye kya hai? 

Question 4 ...5marks 

Difference between selling concept and marketing concept.


28 Mcqs

2 short questions public financial sectors and benefits or research marketing 2 

long questions Differentiate between target marketing and Position marketing) and describe three buying methods


Paper easy mcqs 

All conceptual true or false nai thy   4 question thy 2 long or 2 short internal publics.

How business market and consumer market me difference tha .

Ye dono long me thy or short me internal factors wala tha ak question or ak marketing search  ky 3  points likhny thy.


Descriptive Questions are as under:

Q: To collect primary data from customers various research techniques could be used. Define Primary data and mention these research techniques.

Q; When we talk about “Product” in marketing, we actually mean product quality, design, packaging etc. What is meant by “Place” and “Promotion” in this regard? 

Q: What is meant by big Data?

Q; Why the wants and demands of all customers are not similar? Briefly explain with the help of examples.

Today was my MGT301

*The paper was easy*

Total Questions 32 (44 marks)

28 MCQs of 1 (Mark).



5* Conceptual MCQs Related to (Characteristics of business market) for example a person X works for a company, in the process of buying routinely purchased items, the person X plays the role of?.

3* MCQs Related to needs, wants, and demands (definition).

3* MCQ Related to Characteristics effecting consumer buyer behavior (Culture, social, personal).

3* MCQs related to straight rebuy, modified rebuy and new task.

3* MCQs Related to Market segmentation

3* MCQs Related to MIS (market information system)

2* MCQs Related to BCG (star, question, cash cow and dogs)


28 mcqs

°Institutional market and governmental market difference

°Business market, business buyer behavior, business buying process

°Value proposition 

°Market development from principal of marketing

mgt301 paper

Mcqs all conceptual Ty but easy ty

 Short questions 

1: Modified rebuy ka ta

2: significant buying ki type k name

 Long questions 

1 Aik conceptual ta bottle supply company k Bary me view Deny Ty

2: Compatibility aur Complexity explain Kerni ty

today my mgt301 

1. mcqs from definition’s and some are conceptual but not tough

2. Short Questions

Enlist three publics

Define Secondary data and its resources 

3. Long Questions

Difference between needs wants and demands

Consumer Adopting Process


28 Mcqs

2short questions (public financial sectors) and (benefits or research marketing)

2Long questions (Differentiate between target marketing and Position marketing) and (Describe three buying methods)


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