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MGT610 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these mgt610 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mgt610 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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1. Countries are, fully free, unfree, and repressed. What are the determining factors of it. 

2. Ethical standards should not be brought to the business organization. Argue on this statement.

3. Sketch a graph of utilitarianism in your mind and tell what do you like or dislike about it.

4. What is mixed economy. What are the elements of it.

Mgt610 Current paper questions

Q# 1: 

Briefly discuss social Darwinists.

Q# 2: 

 How can child apply labels such as good, bad right and wrong to certain situation according to Lawrence Kohlberg’s pre-conventional development level? 

Q# 3:

Briefly describe any two stages of the Lawrence Kohlberg's research on moral development? 

Q# 4:

Define mixed economy? List some of its elements.

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 Ek aya tha short

Brief Explanation of Kant theory 3 Number ka Why Free market need Government Policies.

3rd tha Difference between Free Market Economy

Or Planned Economy.

Or identify krna Tha. 

Konsi country main Main ye dono use ho rhi hain

Mcqs handouts sy

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Today Paper Mgt 610


All Mcqs are easy some from recent quizzes and mostly from handouts.

One from oligopolistic competition.

Two mcqs from mixed economy.

Many mcqs about jhon locke ( must prepare these lectures)


Qno 1: briefly discussed free market (3marks)

Qno2: briefly discussed capitalist justice (3 marks)

Qno: 3 kant's categorical imperative (5 marks)

MGT610 - midterm ppr 

Total mcqs 28

Or 3 marks 2 question 

5 marks 2 question

MCQs Handouts se thy 15 tak  bki k sab conceptual or scenario waly thy identify krna tha 

Or lecture no 23 me se b 3 pochy huwy thy mcqs

Ethics or example of ethics in business 3 marks 

Ethics of care ka question tha scenario type 

5 marks ka question tha value of contribution /capitalism scenario tha identify kr k example deni thi

Or 5 marks ka question tha lecture 20 me se principle of increasing utility ka lkn wo b scenario me pocha tha k seller zyda sale k bad cost q zyda krta aysa kuch 

3 MCQs lecture 9  me se 3 10 me se thy


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  1. Business Ethics Questions:
    1. Countries' Freedom Levels:

    Determining factors include political structures, legal systems, respect for human rights, government transparency, corruption levels, and economic freedom.
    2. Ethical Standards in Business Organizations:

    Ethical standards are essential for fostering trust, maintaining reputation, and long-term success. They guide behavior, ensure fairness, and contribute to a positive corporate culture.
    3. Utilitarianism Graph:

    Liked: Focus on overall happiness, quantitative approach.
    Disliked: Potential for sacrificing minority interests for majority happiness, challenges in measuring and comparing happiness.
    4. Mixed Economy:

    An economic system combining elements of capitalism and socialism.
    Elements: Private and public ownership, market and planned mechanisms, individual entrepreneurship and government intervention.
    5. Social Darwinists:

    Advocates of applying Darwin's evolutionary principles to society.
    Believed in "survival of the fittest" applied to economic and social structures.
    6. Kohlberg’s Pre-Conventional Level:

    Child applies labels based on consequences and obedience.
    Stages: Punishment and Obedience Orientation, Instrumental Purpose and Exchange.
    7. Kohlberg's Moral Development:

    Stages: Pre-conventional (punishment, reward), Conventional (social conformity), Post-conventional (social contract, universal ethics).
    8. Mixed Economy Definition:

    An economic system with both private and public ownership, combining market forces and government intervention.
    9. Kant's Theory:

    Deontological ethics based on moral duty and universal principles.
    Categorical Imperative: Act according to principles that could be universal laws.
    10. Free Market and Government Policies:
    - Government intervention needed for market regulation, preventing monopolies, ensuring fair competition, and addressing externalities.

    11. Free Market vs. Planned Economy:
    - Free market driven by supply and demand; planned economy centrally controlled. China uses a mix.

    12. Oligopolistic Competition:
    - Few large firms dominate the market.
    - MCQs would assess understanding of market structure and competition dynamics.

    Subjective Questions:
    1. Free Market:

    An economic system where decisions on production, investment, and distribution are driven by individual actors and market forces.
    2. Capitalist Justice:

    Emphasizes individual rights, private property, and the role of the free market in distributing resources justly.
    3. Kant's Categorical Imperative:

    A moral principle: Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.
    4. Ethics in Business:

    Examples could include fair labor practices, transparency in financial reporting, and responsible environmental stewardship.
    5. Ethics of Care Scenario:

    Evaluate a business scenario based on the ethics of care, emphasizing relationships, empathy, and context.
    6. Value of Contribution/Capitalism:

    Discuss the role of individual contribution in a capitalist system and how it contributes to economic growth.
    These brief responses cover the core concepts of each question in the context of business ethics.