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MTH302 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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permutation ki definition the ak harmonic mean ka question tha ak frequency wala ak standard deviation wala ak AUB wala


1) A coherent set of general proposition used as principals of explanations of the apparent relationship of certain observed phenomena …. Theory 

2) A/an….is the one which can take on an uncountable set of values? _______Continuous variable 

3) Also called haphazard or accidental or grab sampling._______ Convenience Sampling

4) The type of relationship in which the nature of relationship is not specified is called …__non-directional 

5) Which of the following is not a type of observation tool…? __________Stratification. I think

6) ….… is a document that presents a plan for a project to the reviewers for evaluation. ……Research Proposal

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Today's exam Mth302

Most questions was from financial and merchandise parts

Break even analysis

Contribution margin


Linear equation form of cost price finding

20 MCQs all were mixed

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1 -Find the %markup on cost (2 no)

2- Find the original price 

(2 no)

3- Find the Net Cost price 

(3 no)

4- Find the longest price parameters aur ratio is given 


5- Find the series of discount

(5 no)

6- (Find the Simply Interest



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