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MTH603 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these mth603 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mth603 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Mth 603 

Some mcqs easy but conceptual 

13 base 8 ko decimal ma convert karna tha 4 systems k name likhna tha p ke value calculate karni the table given tha

Foward k lea table banana tha square root 3 ka relative error calculate karna tha eigen vector given tha prove karna tha theta =pi by 4

Mth 603 

Kuch Mcqs from past paper...

Ur zyada mcqs wo jo rules hain us main sa thy Formula wagera pouchy hoe thy...

Que main Number given tha octal system ma convert karta tha aik question ma error find karni thi...

Aik que ma table fill karna tha Simpson rules lgtaa tha ur aik question main Education given thi guass elimination sa solve karna thaaa

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Mth 603

Mcqs approx from handouts

2 iteration for guass jorden

2 iteration fot jacobie

Find eigen value

Normalize a matrix

One theory base


5 marks question

1.Regula Falsi method 

2. Eigen value and eigen vector of greatest module.

3 marks question

Matrix was given you have to find the diagonal matrix

First approximation using secant method values was given to start.

More questions was from secan method, method of iteration and eigen vector a d values.

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McQ zyda quiz files sa thy 

Newton Raphson formula.newton forward  formula.(14)power 1/2 evaluate by newton.

Matrix dya hwa tha eigen value eigen vector by power method

Mth 603 

mcqs files ur mostly handouts se thy 

or secant method k 2 ques thy 

3 marks k iteratiin method tha 

5 marks ka newtons backward formula se aik ques tha 

5 marks ka forward difference ka formula tha or p ka formula tha forward difference k lie

Mth603 today 

Mcqs from handout past se nhi aya 

short question.... 

1) write the formula of newton's forward difference formula?

2) write the newton's backward difference interpolation formula?

3) Convert (13) base 8 into decimals? 

4) ek 3 by 3 matrix given tah os diagonal matrix me convert Karna tah ? 

Long question

1) equation given tah 1st iteration find out Karna tah regula falsi method apply Karke? 

2) eign vector Wala  question tah


Long Q:

1: Lecture 11 Solution of Linear System of Equations(Jacobi Method)

2: Lecture 21 Interpolation Newton’s Forward difference Formula

Short Q:

1: Diagonal Matrix

2: Lecture 22 Newton’s Backward Difference Interpolation Formula

3: Lecture 19 Interpolation (Difference Operators Cont.)

MCQs from all handout.

MTH 603 

Differential operators

Binary numbers

Eigen vectors matrices 5 marks

Largest module in given EQ.5 marks

Today MTH603 

MCQS easy thy aur handsout main sy thy files main sy 4 sy 5 thy.


1.Newton Raphson method ka formula...2marks

2.Shortest distance find krna tha equation given the....3marks

3.Question tha Guass elimination method sy krna tha....5marks

4. Equation given the eigen value find krni the......5marks

5. Equation with first iteration di huwe the us ki next iteration find krni the.....3marks

Mth603 today paper

Mcqs almost from handouts r current quiz 1,2 

***Base 8 ko decimal m convert krna tha

***Guass elimination method tha aik

***Tan theta ki value find krni thi matrix m sy

***base 8 ko kitny ways sy represents kr skty r how many symbols are used in base 8

***aik m table given tha jo end waly topics m sy tha mid k us m sy value find krni thi


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