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MTH643 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these mth643 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give mth643 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Math 643 paper 

Q no 1: Solve the system x^2*y^2, x-y/2=1

X and y should be displayed

Q no 2:  2 inputs will be taken 

i.what is your name? 

ii.what is your age?

Display name and age copy paste input and output in exam software

Q no 3.plot the parametric curve x=t^2sint(t)


Past the Code and output on exam software

Mth643(Matlab) paper done!!!

Total 3 questions (Each of 5 marks).

First question was to write ode 45 while equation and related conditions were given and demanding just code  not output.

Second two matrices were given and they are to  rewrite in Matlab and then A inverse and A*B to find???

Find Differential equations solution thaa(y'=y+t).... y(1)=-2...just following equation and condition was given..

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Mth643 Midterm Paper

Question1= solve the question k bary met tha.

Question2=Plot k bary mey tha.

Question3=Matrix 3×3 krna tha.

Question4= If and elseif command k bary mey tha

Paper mth643

Area of triangle ka question thaaa marks5 

Ak question ma equation di thi mistake btani thii or algbraic equation ka  question marks5

Plot curve walaa tha ak swl marks5

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Mth643 today paper 

Q1. from 22 page file phir ss send krti

Q2. Z=(x+y) ^6/x^2*y

Solve by substituting values  x=6,y=7

Q3. Enter your name and age then display

Q4. plot the contour with interval - 5to 5(same yehe x or y dono ka interval tha idr ab right ni likha ja rha) f(x.,y)=sin(x) +cos(y)

Mth643 Midterm Paper

Question1= u(x,y)=x^2+3y  ki tra ew thi isko at =5 py solve krna tha isi tra f=sin(x) ko at x= 0 py

Question2=matrix bnana tha 

Question3=ik program tha number enter krwana tha negative number ho to  given output show krwani thi aur AGR positive ho to uski alag se output given this wo display krwani thi 

Question4=cotuor plot bnana tha

Today paper mth643 

1) write mistakes and then write correct syntax

2) find values of sinx,cosx,tanx at x=pi

Write given values in matrix form

3) draw graph of parametric equations...

4)find area of triangle...


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