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PSY406 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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Psy406 - Educational psychology 

1. Concrete stage

2. Self-management

3. Declarative vs procedural memory

4. Learned helplessness

5. Sociocultural theory's basis

6. Behavior shaping

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Mcqs easy that mostly from handouts 

Question 3 marks

Q1 Differentiate between Inductive deductive reasoning

Q2 As the schooling years increases so the income of your job increases what type of correlation is this explain briefly

Q3 enlist two language differences in classroom

Q4. Importance of self talk in learning

Long question

Q1. Importance of knowing teaching laws

Q2.Top up processing bottup processing with example

Today's paper  Psy 406 Orderly development 

Intelligence acquired or inherited...

Speech and language disorder.

Self talking acording to piaget and vygotsky..

mcqs were conceptual......

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Psy406 paper 2

16 mcqs

1.Passive learning


3.Differentiate b/w hostile and instrumental aggression with example

4.child belong poor family its effect on his academics

5.two difference languages in classroom

Psy406 16 mcqs thy

1. conventional moral reasoning

2. voluntarily self regulation

3.5 self-esteem

4. gender role identity

 5. masculine feminine traits


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