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STA301 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Are you looking for STA301 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. Here are STA301 Current Papers 2022. STA301 Midterm Past Papers 2022.


Students must prepare these sta301 midterm current papers in 2022. Also, it can give sta301 midterm preparation 2022 essential topics, questions an overview of the paper.


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Mcqs mostly file mn sy thy 

1)tossed coins wla tha probaility find krni thi

2) gives the probability distribution of the random variable X, the number of foreign 

tours a minister make in a year.

Def. Standard deviation

3)leaf or stem wla ek question tha


1:Find Pearson's coefficient of skewness ? Mean and SD given thy

2:write  law of complement.

3: stem leaf table banana tha. Numbers given thy

4: differentiate b/w quantitative and qualitative variables.

5: find Quartile mid range.

Mcqs zada tar handouts sy thy kuch past paperz sy bhi thy.

Jazak Allah

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Sta301 8:30 mine

paper bht hi easy tha Alhamdulillah 

Mcqs mostly moaz ki file sy thy kuch new thy


1: aik graph tha uska corelation btana tha

2:types of frequency curve btani thi

3:p(A) and P(B) diye howy thy btana tha independent event value given thi

4:harmonic mean btana tha value given thein

5: stem and leaf table bnana tha value given thi

6:probability btani thi face card and club ....that's it

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STA301 mid term 

Mean, median, mode or probability k ziada mcqs or questions thy


What is the mode of the series 7,6,5,8,7,5,9,5 and 4? (2 marks)

Probability btani thi addition law se P(A), P(B) or P(A <intersection> B) given thy (2 marks) 

Determine median of the series 3,11,6,5,7,-3 and 10 (3 marks)

Question nhi yaad.. Mean, median or S^2 ki values given thi kisi ka co. 

Efficient nikalna tha. (3 marks) 


2 dices sath roll hue to 5 or 6 ane ki kia probability hai?

STA301 paper 

1.Define Arithmetic mean. 

2.Given values find median.

3. C superscript 4 subscript 2 find Permutation?

Find Pearson's coefficient of given values.

4. By given table find avarage of students mark's


Q#1: coefficient of standard deviation diya howa tha or coefficient of variation nikalna tha (c.v).

Q#2: aik set diya howa tha A=(x,y,z) is ky all possibles subset banany thy. 

Q#3: P(A)=4/5 ye value di hoi thi or is sy P(A) ki value nikalni thi .

 2nd bracket waly A py bar hai.  Jis ka formula ye  tha 1-P(A) .

Q#4: values Di hoi thin on sy stem and leaf me value likhni thi . 

Q#5: agr hamary pass 52 well shuffled card hon to on me sy in ki kia probability ho ge .

a. A king card is drawn

b. A black card ki drawn.

Q#6: X ki values given thi or freguency b given thi is question me histogram banana tha or frequency polygon .

Today Sta301midterm 

mcqs from past ppr and questions form practice questions

1. Arithmetic mean uses?

2.mean deviation for ungroup data data was given?

3. Coefficient of variations?

4.P(A/B) and P(B/A)? Values was given

Sta 301 today paper

Mcq  21 thy from past paper

Qno 1 what is meant by data?

QNo 2? value di gi thi 

A or b ki on ka union find krna tha?

Qno 3 Define median?

Qno4 value di gi thi medina find krna tha group data KY liy?

Qno5 if Coin toss 6 time define it's probability?


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