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STA406 Current Midterm Papers 2022

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1. Define MLE

2.Deinfe sufficiency

3, Density fucntion given tha us ko find kerna tha us ka MLE find kerna tha

4.Method of moments ko find kerna tha...

5 ...mean or variance k through estimater check kerna tha k ye biased hy ya unbiased hy ..

T ka koi fucntion dia gia tha....

Or mcqz general tha definition or type or estimation thi 

Or point estimation ki type thein...wo hi baar baar aa rahi thein

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20 mcqs thy 

6 question 

Ik sufficient estimator ki definition (2)

Margin error is type ki definition or formula tha 

2 definition or thi yad nhi baki long question ma Bernoulli equation sy related tha us ma sufficient estimator find krna tha 

Pission sy related tha us ma b sufficient estimator find krna tha 

MCQs mostly handouts sy thy

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