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ZOO103 Current Midterm Paper 2022

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Today's paper of zoo103 

Mcqs total 20 

1. 1961 gives a valuable survey of history of taxonomy is answer SIMPSON.

2. asian citrus physlid( tamaraxia radiate).

3. five kingdom classification was proposed by .

4. two or more than two closely related species which are morphologically alike. 

5. Dash is the mode of speciation in which new specie is formed from an isolated peripheral population.

6. dash is discription of size.shape.and no of chromosomes.

7. geographic character are important at two levels name.

8. feeding at night occur in which family.

9. singa are about 2 _ in length.

10.percentage of species in family salticidae.

11. poly clave key in computer program.

12. there are estimated_ mainly unpublished species.

13. Flatworms belongs which phylum. 

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Today's paper of zoo103 

1. DNA hybridization 

2. Methods of taxonomic keys 

3. Which field of theoretical biology include 

4. Reproduction in spiders 

5. Component field of systematics 

6. Courtship behavior in Lynx spiders


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