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CHE301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Che301 Paper

Copolymeric sorbent

Working of ICP

What happen when condensed rings increase

IR applications 

Non polar interaction UV spectroscopy parts 

MCQs mean,

Electron inversion time, SPE mean

Paper of Che301

Define HPlC 2 marks.

Applications of non-polar sorbents. 3marks 

Working of ICP in atomic absorption spectroscopy? 2marks.

Parts of UV spectroscope. 3marks

Three applications of IR spectroscopy? 5marks.

Types of Dimensions of columns in HPlC chromatography? 5marks

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Che301 Time: 11am

Why molecule display color 2

What do you about chromophore 2

Tungsten lamp and

Deuterium lamp 3

Auxochrome 5

Application of ir Spectroscopy 5


MCQs past and ppt

Complemantry colour

HPIC chromatography

What is the best value of carboxlyic acid and ester

3 properties of iR spectrosocpy

Extraction of solid phase ...esa e tha ab yd nhi

CHE301 12:30 PM

Give the base value of carboxylic acid and esters (2)

Why molecules display color (2)

What is the criteria for a molecules to be absorbed in uv range (3)

Write some parts of uv spectrophotometer (3)

Write three applications of IR spectroscopy (5)

Write a brief note on TLC (5)

Che301 paper of 8Am 

Non-polar interaction of Solid phase extraction 

Component name of vu sprctrophoter 

Application of IR spectrophotometer 

Complementary colors

Working of ICP

My today paper Che301

Classification of chromatography.

Radiation source of IR spectroscopy.

The number of carboxylic acid to ester bond

Application of IR spectroscopy.

Explain TLC

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