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CS101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs101 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs101 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Cs101 today

1= Mostly McQs ms word, aur 130 ,131 module say thay.

2=integer wala McQ tha 1 analysis phase main say tha1 McQ....1 clipboard say McQ tha

3=footer and header wala question tha short. 3 marks ka.

4=Analysis phase aur k ink name 5 number tha

5 =ms exal say 1 question tha


Mcqs were easy and mostly from MS Word

Q. write names of two actions in clipboard . ( MS Word )

Q . was from excel to write a value from given data =Min(B4:B6)

Q. SDLC me internal software production ki phase ka name

Q. Formula likhna tha sum find krne ka in excel

Q. Input show krni thi aik code likha tha from C++

Q. Ms word k Pages group me kitni catagories hoti hain. Sb k name likhna thay.


MCQs 4-5 from MsWord 

COT nd wyswug stands for eesy hi khuch tha

Print layout and web layout in MS Word 

Modifying style in WorD

Damage of Continos use of the device

Truth table for NOT 

How add 

i)effects in font 

ii)text box 

Last question 

2 Colomns ko dekh kr tesry ka jawab dena Tha

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Cs101 important

Chapters for final terms






119 to 121( verry important)

127 to 131 important for mcqs and short questions


139 to 144 important for long questions 

146 to 147 for short questions 

152  short or long and mcqs base important

173 important for short and mcqs 

188 to 229 mcqs and short  question

230 to 234 just short questions may be 1 or 2 mcq

Cs101 today paper

Mcqs quiz 4 sai thay baki conceptual thay mcqs..

Short question

Software documentation three categories ?3 marks

Give any Two Paper wastage in America?3 marks 

Aik question excel sai tha average or total find karna tha?3 marks

Aik question style, font, page kis group sai hai ribbon mai?3 marks

Long mai

Goals of Machine independent? 

Aik excel sai tha highest marks find karna tha or output batana tha or yay be batana tha

grade ya compare karna tha? Ms excel lazim karay

Today Paper CS101 


Objective part

4 mcq ms excel or ms word sy thy baqi ppts sy.

Subjective part

Q.1 what is report in Ms access? For what purpose reports are used?

Q.2  All select data or to select shapes  that are hidden shapes ky leay kon ki command use hoti hai ya 5 marks ka tha.

Q.3 write the pseudo code  calculate area and parameters of rectangle

Area of length=length x width

Parameter of rectangle=2(length+


Q.4 is question main value given  

If cgpa=4.5

<<count scholarship

<<count sorry you can not qualify for this scholarship

Output show karni thi

Q.5 ms word main document ko move krnay 

Ky leay kon sa link use hota

Q.6 coppa and hippa stand for

Current CS101 paper 3:00pm

50% paper from MS word

1.In which version smart art was updated in MS word? Why do we use smart art?

2.Google discontinued google buzz why?

3.In Ms word, from where we can insert all chapes without any changing?

4.What is the unit of software?? 5.Compare compiler & interpreter? Solve them using ms excel formulas if (2questions+3mcq like that) A1=2,B1=9,C1=15



1.Block element of HTML

2._______arrangement of same types of data is called array(rectangular)

3.in ms word go to________(find, search help)

4.in ns word we write at bottom______(help,search,comment)

 *CS-101 Final Exam Paper*


1- Compiler and Editor come under which software;

  1. SLDC interaction of system with outside world is called what?

  2. To apply the stored program concept, cpu are designed to recognize instructions encoded as____?

  3. Black box testing is also know as___&?

  4. The amount of paper american use in a year is about___?

  5. Hackers may attach____if you search for free music.

  6. All network traffic of the lan must pass through_____

  7. Carring out illegal online transections and damaging activities is due to ______

  8. There are _____ fundamental application for software verification

*Short Questions*

1- Write the full form of the following abbreviations;


- PI

2- What is the major obstacle in developing programming system based on the declarative paradigm?

3- Translation of mnemonic addresses into internet compatible IP address is done during the communication over the internet which layer performs this task?

4- Given below are the Excel spreadsheet formulas. Correct these formulas if there is any error

  1. MAX(C-36+E36+E7-E12)

5- Write the select query for the following statement;

- Select an employee whose ID is 123, from the employee table

*Long Question*

1—Draw the conceptual layout of the following structure;

Stract {char name[25];

Int age; (5 Marks)

  1. How many commands editing group have in home ribbon? List three (5 Marks)

  2. Is there any drawback of using matching geometric characteristics technique for recognizing images in image processing? Justify your answer with two examples. (5 Marks)

Q1: Different B/W high level language and low level language?

Q2: what is register and it use?

Q3: how to define syntax of array?

Q4: What is parts of insert ribbon in MS word?

Q5: How many type of sorts in MS Excel?

Q6: Formula of sum to add row 3 and address of containing cell 6?

Q7: Geometric characteristics?

Q8: write project of all teachers form teacher then student has greater than 100?

9:style is predifined in ms word can we customize own style in MS Word?

10:Match column A to B and write in column C

Arithmetic operation on data………

A use of stack…..

A use of Internet….

In c++……


1:MS word main insert ma paragraph kahan par ata hai

2:__ of multiple rows and column(two dimensions)

3: __ of two telation produce one relation (join)

4: row are also called (tuple)

5: wild card use sign for?

6: what is tree?

7: Bold MS word ma home ma kahan par hota hai

Important topics jin ma sy options aya

Module 112 113 114 or in ma jo graph hai wo lazmi krna us ma sy mcqs aya hai

Bais path testing

Glass box testing

Boundary value analysis

Beta testing

Alpha testing

Case tool

Control structures loop

Today Paper CS101

Objective part

  1. Mostly MCQS are from Ms word and Programming Languages

Subjective Part:

Q:1 3 marks is Abrivations of EPIC and PI

Q.2 write a program in C++  of length=20 Breath=10


Perimeter =2*(length+breath)

Long Question 1:





Q No 2: Boolean and its symbols

Total 18 MCQS and 14 are almost from Past paper of 2020 and from handouts.

*CS 101 Today

04 MCQs were from past file(single file) only

02 MCQs were from MS Access

02 MCQs were from MS Word

Remaining were new but easyone.


1. How we can add table(from which ribbon) in MS word. 2 Marks

2. What type of analysis is used to study Natural Language? 3 Marks

3. Give the answer of the following statements in accordand with Excel Formulae. If A1= 25, B1=15, C1= 6


=(A1/(B1-C1/3))*100 2 Marks

*Long Question:*

How we can customize styles in Microsoft World.

2nd one I forgot!!


5 negative impacts of Computer science on society

What is query and write four SQL names

Ye 5 num waly thy

 Excel sy koi questions ni tha Text box ao work art dy awo ka word art

Value given thi x=2


Find krna tha 



cs101 time

5 se 6 mcqs past paper se the or handout se the

1)  1st question content of the top document ko kya kehte hain or Bottom ko kiya ke kehte hain Ans (Header, footer)

2)  aik question Ms word main Ms excel kese bnate hain

3)  or aik question cs ke positive impact on society likhne the

4)or aik c++ program tha in array "pakistan" 

5) SELECT query in database ye tha 

 bs yehi tha

Cs101 today paper

Described two command find menu in ms word?

Ms word ma editing ki details?

Give the output of statment in Excel

Formula. A1=3, B1=9, C1 =15



Employee Id de the or us KO select query karna tha

Or ak program tha handout ma sy

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Cs101 today paper 

Mcqs easy thy,, but not thay easy,, ms word sy thy 2 3 baki starting ki thoery .

Ms excel k 2 question thy 

Stack or two operation

Risk of content 

Bhot conceptual  paper tha ,,

Ms word ka aik bhi qiestion nahi tha


Short question

*Two name consist of Ms word?

*Information privecy? 

HIPPA COPPA stand for? 

Long question

Smartact for Ms word?

Or ak program tha



Difference between imperative and declarative paradigm. 

Difference between ms word and PowerPoint.

How many alignments ms word have. Name them.  

Write three electric theft. 

Cs101 paper                            

1.weak cohean and strong cohean ki 2 forms ....

2.UPDATE query  k bary ma question tha....

3.SQL ka syntax lekhna tha...

4 Font and Style Kon sy tab ma hoty hane home tab or insert tab...ak Ms excel ka koi table deya howa tha...IPR ki categories  Jin ma IPR subdivide hoty hane...



1. Cobol Use for…(business)

2. Source code of assembly language end with ….(return or end)

3……is a person involved primarily with the implementation step (programmer)

4. example of black-box testing is the technique (boundary value analysis)

5. LIFO ( last in , first out)

6. ensures patient confidentiality for all healthcare-related data.(HIPPA)

7. Contact risks( problematic content sharing )

8. Fourth group in home ribbon ( style)

9. …is an example of a combination command (underline)

10. Top Margin (header )

11. Location of integer in cell for example 5 (B2)

12 bi same

13. Count if wala ek tha

14. In ms access column ( field)

2 mcq yad ni


17. As the name suggests, the ….. defines the programming process to 

Be the development of a sequence of commands that, when followed, manipulate data to produce the desired 

Result.(imperative paradigm)

18. Ms excel k 2 formula tha a. Median b. Min

19. Optical character in image processing which technique

20. Write about style,font and pages tab


  1. Two priority areas of privacy international

(Priority Area of privacy international

 Challenging Data Exploitation

 Building the Global Privacy Movement

 Contesting Surveillance)

22. Query in relational database

A. Join operation in A and B on basis of job I’d 

B. Join operation in A and B on basis salary.

Cs101 today paper

5 Mark 

Ms excel  formula sum and average

How Robot locate veins  

3 mark's

Clipboard in ms word

PIR stand for

Spread sheet

Or ak out put find kerni thi


Peper robot 

Ms excel ma sa tha 

Or word ma sa tha or programing ma sa tha

Some inportant mcqs. 

1.How many percent people visit the website before visiting the website.

2. How many percent people use facebook on their own cellphones.

3.people Google visists percentage is pr mcqs tha

4. What is second step of quality assurance

5. What is the second step of quality.

6. Advertising is best through which means


paper is completed and for me it was too easy


1 was about redo, 1 more about Ms word Bookmark, Spreadsheet related, about prolog that language of which paradigm it is,Cyber security,...If i remember more i will tell

Short were of 3 marks...

1) about Control structure

2)Image analysis steps

3)Content filtering


1)Negative impact of CS on health

2) Spreadsheet was given and we have to write formulas like Sum,Average.....

Cs101- 30/8/2021


Answers are in brackets. 

 *Mcqs* were mostly from MS word

Go to option is in? (Find)

Software implementer called? (Programmer)

Queue is? (Fifo) 

Join operation ka tha. Idr the statement but its used to combine 2 relations into 1

Hospital robot? (Belgian) 

 *Short* : 

Two content risks 

AI test? (Turing test by Alan turing)

Designation of Software implementer and his job? (Software Programmer and his job us to write a program that implements the design made by software analyst) 

Basis path testing (every statement is executed at least once) 

 *Long* :

Excel ka aya tha. You had to write the Queries and its output from a table

Goal of machine independence

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