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CS301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mcqs from past paper


What do you mean by symbol table?

Explain how does heap sort work?

Aik data table ta us mai bubble sort apply krna ta

Aik mai heap parents …

Collision and its two methods

Find the parent and left and right children

To be sibling of is equivalent relation or not

Redraw a tree , given some changings 

Mcqs 12 ya 13 maaz file se aaye thay

Long question dono mushkil thay ek mein tree bana Hua tha aur I think us k steps likhne thay

2sra koi compression wala tha

CS301 Current Final Paper

Objective Part:

75% of Mcqs were from Moaaz File and others were newly made.

Subjective Part:

1-If we put -1 as a value in an array at multiple locations then what will be happened in the context of a disjoint set?

2-Some values were given like 2,4,5,11,12,15 and I have to put them in the Skip list series.

3-Heap relevant question- There was a tree in which values were given in alphabetically but they were not in sorted order like in max-heap or min-heap, It was randomly in the given tree. And their question was heap indices?

4-Explain 2nd case (a&b) of AVL deletion?

5-What is a quad node?

6-Tree was given and I have to implement it in an array.

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Papaer was easy.........

MCQs from past papers.........

Insertion sort lgorithim.........

Construc MAX heap from given values...........

Selection, Bubble, insertion aur Merg sort ka koi nlogn names likhny thy

How Threded binary tree make it possible not to use stake and Recursion in Traverses...........

Algorithm of buble sort using given array with values and indexes.


Objective mostly moaaz file sy tha.

1.what is hashing? give an example

2.Given an array 2,3,7,8,15,18,19,20,26,24,2

find children of value 15 in array.

3.aik array thi us par insertion sort kr k steps btany thy.

4.Expression tree bnani thi postfix expression ki.

5.if a tree has 6 internal nodes then find total links,externa links,internal links.

6.how to apply find operation on tree in which union is applied.

CS301 Important topics 

Topics include:

AVL tree

Binary search tree


Huffman encoding

Pseudo code for maze game


Arrays, dynamic array

Priority queue

Traversal algorithm

Complete, perfect binary tree

CS301 current paper today  

Q1. Applications of hashing.   

Q2. parameters name of find and insert fun for table. 

Q3. keys given make min heap. 

Q4. what is heap sort problem. 

Mcqs some from past paper.

1- Re-hashing advantages and disadvantages 

2- Transaction properties and where we can not use it

2 queries i the solve krne the

Long questions

Postfix likhna tha 2 data ka

Insertion sort algorithim 

basic step bubble sort

Short question

two condtion of 2nd cae delete AVL tree

in a heap from a,  item at position i, where are the parent, let child and right child located?


Heap can be implemented through___________________

Iteration, heap,  

huff code, Hashing,

1: define symbol tables?

2:min heap is suitable ha ? 

3:min heap tree tha os may 4 nodes delete kernay thy or phir tree show kerna tha? 

4: hash tables fill kerna tha or formal diya tha slove kerna tha ?

5:single right rotation pic banani thi ?

Mcqs conceptual or past papers say thy?

2, 3 mcqs quiz files se thy, 

AVL tree se node delete kr k balance krna tha step by step,

Insertion sort apply krna tha numbers par, 

Table k methods k parameters likhney thy, 




What is collision and give its two types

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Today cs301 

Mcqs handout s 

Hashing waly topic s aik question tha 

Aik code ko explain krna tha heap class ka code

Binary tree given the child batany thy

How implemention of disjoint set is better than Booleean matrix

Today's paper Cs301 time: 11am

MCQS from past papers 

lecture notes 4 short answers 3 numbers k wo b past papers se aye thy and long main selection sort krna tha array given thi and AVL tree ko balance krna tha it was also from past paper concept clear thy paper was very easy.

CS301 6:00 PM

14 from Past papers


1. 3 characters of good Hashing function

2. Find mid of the array

3. Find Left child, Right Child and Parent nodes of given array.

4. Frequency table of "Data Structures"

5. Write C++ Code for Insertion Sort 

Today's paper cs301

Hashing applications

Huffman encoding 

Union operation on array

Equivalence relations

Disjoint set ADT

Today I'm done cs301 

1.Avl tree ki deletion type 

2.philosophy of Divide and conquer

3. Union ka tree banana tha kuch aise tha 









4. max heap wala tha ek or 

.5. ek or union wala e tha itne e yadd han bs easy tha

Cs301 11:00 am


1.make array from the given tree

1.Add (a value was given) into the min heap.

3.Konsa node remove krny s Avl tree misbalance hojata h

Otherwise koi effect ni hota

4.When hashing is not suitable.


1: a): Is the given heap   Min heap or Max heap.

 b): tree was given and after inserting *a new(given) value, convert it into array.

Q2: Write the code for Bubble sorting Algorithm.

Cs301 paper 3:00 pm

16 mcqs and 6 questions

Mcqs repeated from file 

Collision ko resolve krny ky 2 methods

Heap tree 

Psudocode write krna tha

Ak code ko complete write krna tha 

AVL me konsa node remove krny sy oski condition change nai hoti but wo misbalance hojata h


Mcqs mostly from past papers 

Short Q

1)  what is meant by abstruse data type(ADT) write 2 properties?

2).  write two condition when hashing is not suitable?

3). Write 3 condition when binary tree not formed?

Long Q

1) search function ka code dia hoa tha us mn error correction krni thi

2) second question mn b code dia hoa tha us mn sy error KO fine krna tha or correction krni thi.

Today Cs301 4:30


10 was from past paper


Internal or external node k btana tha 2 numbers k

Maze buzzle k pseudo code

Huffman tree m number of character btana tha

Add remove and delete k parameters

Dummy node in threaded binary tree

CS301 current paper at 11am

MCQs: from Past papers.


Q1. Height given 5. Find Sum of heights. (3)

Q2. How is traversing of nodes done in a Threaded Binary tree? (3)

Q3. Diagram of Disjoint sets. No text only Diagram. (3)

Q4. Steps of Insertion sort. (3)

Q5. To perform two complete iterations in Bubble Sort over a given array. (5)

Q6. Two code sentences were given from deleteMin() function. The question asked to explain what is happening. (5)

Nodes 23 deay howay thay uss sy internal nodes internal links external nodes external links find krnay thay

Collision ke definition or uski types thi

cs301 ka paper 

mostly mcqs past sy aye thy .. or short 

1) Height given the 7.. total number of nodes + sum of nodes find karna tha.

2) three elementary sorting k names.

3) AVL tree given thee or steps batayen hoye thy tree regenerate krna tha step follow kr k.

4) 2 question union operation sy thy. ek short or ek long.. short question mein array bnani the union opertions k madad sy. 5) long mein tree bnana tha ..

6) long fundamental able bnana tha 

Statement given the it is well.


Mcqs kuch past file se thy or kuch new thy.


3 marks 97,76,61,42,54,59,31,23,17,44 heap trea me 86 insert kr k btaye.


Skip list k three characteristics btaye.


AVL tree me 1st deletion me hone wali two condition btaye.


How we can generate a maze with the help of union.

Long question 5 marks


hashing table bna k results chk kry

23,46,58,68,78,86 ye table tha or mode 11 diye hue thy h(x) =x.

Q. 6:-


   77          96

68  81   11

ayse tree bnai hui thi or kaha tha k esko min heap me change kry.


75% paper from Moazz past papers mcqs + 2 short


delete node from heap redesign diagram,

code for union and find for disjoint sets


mcq from Past papers kuch handouts baki conceptual thy

5 marks ka insertion sort ka code in c++

5 marks ka Tree tha usko balance krna tha after deleted root node

3 marks nlog2n vala tha us k points btany thy

3 marks ka tree tha array representation btani thy baki conceptual paper tha na file sy tha na handouts sy

CS301 06:00pm


-Divide and Conqure 3 Categories name

- 2 9 7 5 8 Insertion sorting with complete steps

- hashing technique if key = 18 & Hash= Key%10 

- Bst creation 19 37 9 6 12 10 1 8 

- Huffman tree code written from given tree

- buildheap statement written need description.

mcq mostly from moaaz and waqar files

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