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CS302 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Today's CS 302 paper 

Mcqs (s0me fr0m m0az past papers)

5 sh0rt questi0ns

what wiII be the qu0tient and remainder if we divide the binary digit 1101 by 101

1 sh0rt questi0n fr0m traffic signaI c0ntr0I system

draw the I0gic diagram 0f S-R gated Iatch

find the frequency fr0m 10 cycIes 0f cI0ck signaIs measured in 3s

draw the diagram 0f implementi0n 0f fif0 buffer using RAM              

3 long questions 

Draw the next state truth tabIe

  2. H0w many 0perati0ns are perf0rmed 0n a mem0ry aIs0 draw 

   the diagram

 3. Draw the timing diagram 0f J-K flip fl0p also explain their p0tentiaI timing differences

CS 302 

Mcqs some conceptual some from files…

1.Diff b/w state assignment and state reduction 

2. Memory calculate krni thi bits k liey.. 16k x 1 .. given tha 

3.D-flip flop ka aik table fill krna tha.. output likhni thi

4. How many lines (bits) are required by address bus for ____ memory locations? Blank me koi value thi

5. Draw circuit for J-k flip flop with potential timing problem. (Marks 5)

6. Aik column match krna tha asynchronous and synchronous properties  k liey( marks 5)

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Cs 302 


Mostly past papers moaaz file + conceptual

Short questions 

J k flip flop diagram di hui thi us ka trut table bana tha with respect to clock plus 

Timing problem se ak question tha

Meala machine ka question tha 

Long questios

2 bit sychronous count ki next state batani thi only even numbers wali output likhne thi0 se 14 tak 

5 charachter if A/d converter

Or ak diagram di thi us ki states or next state define karni thi

My CS302 Paper 

More than half of the MCQs were from first half of the book, which wasn't according to the 20/80 division they told us about. 

few from past papers. :-\


MCQs (That I can remember)

Which logic gate is used for bit multiplication? 

AND <-




The output of and gate is 1 only when _ 

both inputs are one (obviously)

Asynchronous Counters are available in Integrated Circuit form. The 74LS93A is a 4-bit __

Asynchronous Counter. (P268)

Asynchronous Flip/Flop with PRE' = 1 and CLR'=0 what will be the output. 

If a 4-bit serial in/parallel out shift register initially has 1111 and we want to insert 0111 in it. What will be in value in register after 4 clock pulses





How many clock pulses are required to take out all the bits of a serial in parallel out shift register



Convert 259 from decimal to octal number system using division method 

Label gates in synchronous 2-bit counter (P272)

Request buttons in an elevator (P366)

2 long questions about counters and 3 short questions about counters and flipflops (2 of which were about JK Flipflop)

One long question about timing diagram of an 8-bit Serial In/Parallel Out Shift Register


paper cs302.

Apply the state reduction process. Reduce the num of state as much as positive?

Write the five element which will used in dual slop analogue to digital converter circuit?

Write ISTYPE statement used to specify active low output of register mode? 

Two different types of volatile memory names?  

Identify these quantities are analogue or digital? 

Incomplete circuit of 3 bit down counter flip flop 3 is left unconnected. Connect the 3 flip flop to the 2nd filp flop. In which a way the functionality down counter is achieved? 

The in complete diagram of 4 bit synchronous binary counter. Complete diagram by putting appropriate gate in each red box. Just put tha gate names.?

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Cs302 ppr today 

Mcqs from past

Subjective from handouts


Shift registers


Moore state machine diagram

Edge triggered flip flop

Frequency aik diagram ko btani thi

Dual slope analog wala question tha


28 mcqs thy past papers sy 70% aye thy 

J-K flip flop k 2 questions thy

Logic gates k name likhny thy 

L-S latch ka truth table tha 

2 memory address proof Krny thy

CS302 ka paper tha

MCQs almost Waqar or moaaz ki files sa thy 3 sa 4 k elava

Synchronous J-k flip flop sa tha binary ki diagram bnani thi up counter ki diagram thi baki yad nhi 🙃

CS 302 Today's Paper 

30 percent mcqs from waqar siddhu

Long Questions

Serial to parallel ka circuit complete karna tha

Boolean expression likhna tha

Write cycle ka question tha

Circuit label karna tha

Circuit explain karna tha


long draw burglar alarm using sr latchs

long name memory operation draw signal digram

short write the name of two registers used is serial to parallel converter

short OE ,CS, WE Stands for

short how many storge bit and clocks are to convert 16bits parallels data serial

short how many flip flop are required to make mode-32 binary counter provide mathematical form

Cs302 today paper 11 am. 

5 mrks ka Moore machine ki block diagram bnani thi....

5 mrks ka circuit diagram bnani thi clk or pres ko samny rkhty huy 4 nand gate bnany thy or unki output btani thi...... 

3 marks ka ram chips ka name btain.... 

3 mrks ka flash components btain.

2 mcqs decade ky thy 

2 A/D cnvtr ky thy 

2 flip flop k thy.... 

Cs302 paper 11:am 

Objective few from past 


1.Write down two name of D/A analogue converter

2.How many clock pulse are required to enter 4 bit data into parallel in/ parallel out

3. 7H140.... Ka output likhna tha

4 SR. Diagram bni hwi thi uska output likhna tha

5. COLUMNS BNA HWA THA USME DRAM OR SRAM KA option diye hwe thy wo likhny thy

Cs302 paper 

Kuch MCQ from past paper


Ek number ki memory byte calculate krna tha

Memory gates

State diagram up

Synchronous down ki diagram


MCQs: Mostly from Moaz file and quizes. 


1. Find the Frequency. Clock pulse was given 10 with time 3 sec. 

2. Y PIN 23 ISTYPE 'com' Was given. Explain the sentence. 

3. Name the Gates used in Memory decoding circuit. 

4. (Will mention as soon as I could recall it)

5. Timing Diagram was given. with a circuit. and we have to draw the Q output and complete the timing Diagram. (5)

6. Draw the circuit of Serial in/Shift Right/Serial out circuit. (5)

CS302 Today 



- draw more diagram

- principal advantages of DRAM 02 Advantages

- Draw block Parallel In / Parallel out 

- draw circuit diagram of R/R2 In D/A converter

- Draw truth table of S-R Latch

- Reduction table given precise reduction end limit


Mcqs mostly past papers mei se thy

Aur subjective sub daigram bnani thi

Master slaves ki daigram thi

Ak filp flop ka circuit complete kerna tha

CS302-Current Final Term Paper 


Most MCQs were from past paper files.


Q1-With reference to gated S-R latch, complete the table given below. Assume that Q output is initially 0.

Q2-During analogue to digital conversion, a well-balanced sample size can make your converted signal looks like original. Taking both too many and too few samples will result in problems. You have to list the problems associated with both conditions (too many/too few sample size).

Q3-Sample interval determined the well-balance/correct sample, if the we get too few samples then there is chance that our sample is not 100% correct, on the other hand side if too many sample then there chance very high that we get 100% correct result of sampling. 

Q4-Draw the transition table for 3-bit Up-Counter using J-K flip flops.

Q5-Write down the name of outputs of first and second floor needed to reduce the number of latches used to store the external inputs.

Q6-Write at least five elements/components which will be used in Dual Slope Analogue to Digital Converter circuit.

Q7-Analogue to digital converter is the process in which analogue form data is to be covert in binary digits. The elements are use in dual slope analogue to digital converter circuit is following below

Q-8-Given below are the logical symbols of positive and negative edge triggered J-K flip flops. You are required to draw the truth table of both positive and negative edge triggered J-K flip flops.

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