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CS304 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs304 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs304 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Cs304 Paper

Type of container Batani thi 

Fill the table 

Vector. Deque. List. Priority que. 5 marks

C++ code to inheritance a complete specialization from another complete specialization. 5 marks.

list down 3 cases in which copy constructures are called. 3 marks

Templates bary ik swal tha 3 marks.


Abstruction class

static function

Base class

derived class topics sy aye

Cs 304 

Mcqs past papers moaaz and waqar sy 1 2 shyd handouts sy 

1 short first-class containers or beki sb outputs or errors ziada class template or virtual function shapes static


mcqs mostly past sa tha  

1. Aur question eik program tha uski output btani the aur usy btana tha k yeah function overloading hai ya nahi yeah 5 marks k tha 

2. Forward and bidirectional ma differnciate krna tha aur yeah 5 marks ka tha 

cursor k operation provides yeah 2 marks tha 

eik friend template sa related questions tha 

eik question tha ka specialization restrictions ma Kon c inheritance use hoti hai means n implement hoti hai

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Today’s cs304 ppr

Mcqs past + handouts


Iterator types

Base class, derived class


Partial and complete specialization(code)

Code likhna tha jo koi b data type ly r doubke value return kry


1.Differentiate the Forward Iterator and Bidirectional Iterator

2.Write output of the given code


Mcqs past sa ae tha 90% 

Base class or derived class btani thi is ma digram bni hue thi or ak arrow doctor sa person or baki 2 sides pr alag values pr ja raha tha.


Templets pucha tha

Contaners diya hua tha btana tha k sequence wala ha ya abstract wala ha.

Ak 3 num wala question ma base class or derived class ko mention krna tha or output btani thi

Ak 5 num wala ma sirf output btani thi handouts ma tha ya 

Width 8 *height 6 thi  

Or last 5 num wala ma

Templets ma public or private class ka kuch krna tha adha program bna hua tha bech beach ma mention tha k ya int variable ko declare koe wagara.

Mcqs from past paper 

Allah pak ap sab ko kamyab kre.


Cs304 paper 

Mcqs past papers files main sy thy moaaz or waqar files 

Direct base class or indirect base class btani thi ik code likha hwa tha uski...3marks

Ik code ki output likhni thi 3marks

Container and iterative type ka Jo table h page number 326 main wo aya tha ...3 marks 

Ik virtual function ko use kr k code tha base class ka pointer or derive class ka object creat kia hwa tha or pointer k through virtual function ko call kia hwa tha ...is program ki output likhni thi 5... marks

Stack winding ki types or ik type ko explan krna tha with code .... 5 marks

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Container or iterator ka table tha 3 marks

Explain template parameter... 3 marks

Protected inheritance table...3 marks

Ek code ki output btani thi... 3 marks

2 long thy... Programs thy

Mcqs 7 past sy aye thy


Mcqs from past papers some are conceptual


1. Find the error in code and write it correctly.

2. Write the iterators for given 





3. How we write code for abstract classes in C++. 

4. How we write code for complete specialization of another complete specialization...

5. Aik drive or base class ka code diya hwa tha us me output btani thi.

Cs304 today paper 

Past papers se Mcqs thy

Or baqi handout se thy


Aik code tha output batati thi

Or direct base class ka Questions tha

Exception handing ka Questions tha 

Or Sequence Container ka Questions 

Baqi 2 code thy 

Jo muje ni aty thy 

Cs 304

STL key component. 3

Write a c++ program using non template class A as an friend class of class B?   5

1 program ki output  btani t? 3

1 program given tha base class r dived kn kn c h vo btani t (yes/no)? 5

Protected statement is an exception handling statement comment this statement with explanation? 3

Cs304 current papers 

Mcqs past se thy koi kuch handout se thy 

Long Question

Ek program tha us me error find Krny thy or us correct kr k likhna tha 

Ek program tha inheritance exception k bary me 

Short Question 

Three cases btani thi jab constructor ko call krty Hain

Exception handling k bary me ek question tha 

Ek program tha template array ka 

Ek or program tha wo b template ka hi tha

CS304 paper

Mcq's past and handouts

Write three names of Error handling in a program? 3 marks

Class di hui thi usma indirect or direct base class batani thi 3 


Type parameter ka purpose explain karna tha with example 3 marks

Friend function ka batana tha k wo puri class ko friend banata hai ya sirf jis ma declare kia ho usi ko baanata hai 3 marks

Class vehicle wala sawal tha jisma amphibious or water vehicle ko ma in function ma sahi sa object declare karna tha or error detect karna tha 5 marks

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