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CS401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs401 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs401 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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paper cs401.


1. In Multitasking which interrupt work as a schedular, purpose of this interrupt ...

2. Which value of Al, Ah, Dx register using int21 bye serial port....

3.What is interrupt chaining , which type JMP are used.?

4.Aik GDT Wala tha mujy yad nhi .


Purpose of PIC

Write three example of data movement instructions by SUN SPARK process

McQ past paper se thy moaaz k

mera cs401 ka paper mostly mcqs waqar k paper se aya ta 

two short one long video services lecture se aya ta

one short pascal and c main difference btana

one short trap flag very closely relationship with debugger and interrupt explain  

one long how to update IRQ and Interrupt ye question aya ta 


Mcqs Kuch past se thay Kuch handouts se

Ek int 1 se related tha.

Ek keyboard disable wala program write Karna tha.ek question tha VESA related ke es mai 5:6:5 kislye use hote hai ek question yad nhi hai abhi.long mai 2 questions thay.ek tha write the 3 data movement instructions of SUN SPARK processor and second tha function of PIT.

paper was easy.

Past papers se aya hy taqreeban. mcqs & subjective

Relationship aye.. algorithm sorting i hy..

What are building blocks of organizational structure 5 marks

How organization should manage stress 5 marks

Enlist targeted areas of change 3 marks

What are different sources of power for a manager 3 marks

Min heap sy tree draw krna tha or 4 nodes add krwany thy tree m 5 marks ka tha

Ek hash function ka question tha 5 marks ka

And heapsort wala aya tha

Hashing ki 2 application

Ik minimum heap wala question aya long ma usko solve krna tha us k bd ik expration aya tha abc/+* wala

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1-What registers BH, AL, CX, DX correspond to while using int10 for service of writing graphic pixel?

2-In case of assembly which interrupt is used and what register values are required to initialize serial port?


3-Write assembly language instruction to read data from parallel port?

4-Which BIOS interrupt provide service for restoring, write programs and attributes?

5-Write assembly language instructions to settye video mode to 40×25 text mode using BIOS?

cs401 paper 

Mcqs BHT easy thy past papers ma Sy aye thy 

Ss-cs ko find krna Tha.

Int21 kesy different ha service 31 sy.

Int 13 error flag or error number Tha.

Multitasking ka Tha short  


Mcqs past sy koi b nai tha 


Processor real sy protected mode main kaisy ho ga 

Protected mode main segment register ki absence main access kaisy ho ga 

Scan code or ASCII code main difference 

Bit s

Bit x 

Bit b in teno ka segement register main kya role hai 

Flags jo mathematical operation main use nai hoty un k nam 

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Mostly moaaz ki file sy

Subjective me IRQ or int ka relationship btana tha descriptive firmware 

Flag kn kn se han ye b tha 

CS401 Final Term Current Paper 

Esc by hooking code.

Attribute of changing video service to information about font color... 

Which service is used with int 13 for rea data write data and gatting data. 

Difference between 16bit and 32bit DIV

Mcqs past papers or handouts sy ay thy

CS401 today paper                        

Short question  

1. Assembly language int21 ke bary me tha  

2. What is Parallel bidirectional port 

Long question me

ik Illustrate the content of a device driver file? 

2nd me what are the attributes of chargen video service for getting information about the font of the text?


mcqs from past papers


How many interrupts are in ibm pc

Int 3 debugger define

Assembly language program to output hello on the screen

Define idtr

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