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CS402 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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cs 402 today

mcqs some from file kuch conceptual

push and pop definitions

pumping lemma definition

btana tha k language a, bab, ba, aa, bb...... FA accept krta h ya empty h..

1 CFG bnana tha long.

2 Fa ka L1L2 banana tha FA1 containing aa..

FA2 containing bb....

CS402 Important Topics 

Moore and melay machine

Complement of a language

Intersection of two regular languages

Regular and non-regular languages

Pumping Lemma definition Equivalent languages

Lecture 31-32-33

FA to CFG conversion

TG's corresponding to the Regular Grammar 

Turing machine

Cs402 current paper 

Some mcqs from past papers (waqar sidhu) and other from handouts 


1.Write the rules of cfg corresponding to row. 3 marks

2. Check out the following is decidability: "number 'm ' is the prime" 3 marks

3. Production rules of cfg.3 marks

4. Find the prefix(Q in R) 3 marks.

5. Explain the following cfg is ambgious. 5 marks

6.The equation is given convert cfg in to cnf. 5 marks

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CS 402

mcqs some files se thy baqi sb new and conceptual 

1-CFG di hui thi transition graph bnana tha 

2-CFG given the RE likhna thi 

3- babb k liay CFG likhna thi

4-CFG di hui thi tree bnana tha 5 marks thy 

5- (a+b)*babb  k liay CFG likhna thi 5 marks.mera subjective Sara CFG waly part se tha 1 question k ilawa.

CS402 paper 

*Short question*

1: Q={bbbb, babbbab, bababa}

P={aa, aaabb, bbaaa, bbbbbbbbbb}

Find prefix 


S-----> abA



 Six values are give and identify  which  valuse accept  the following  CfG 

3: Diagram are given and State the TG


1: bb(a+b)* show CFG 

2: Lecture no 39 

2nd example state the table 

today cs402 paper:

Aik question compliment lana tha

2 marks  me cfg bnana tha string ka

3marks ka  question me cfg se given string derive karna tha

5 number ka tuning machine ka question tha

5 question me row cfg define karna tha table bnana tha row terminal k

Cs 402 

Short Question

1. Define Push and Pop operation.    3 marks

2. What is non regular language? Two Examples   3 Marks

3. S-->aX | bX | aaX |^         

Prove that this is ambiguous CFG. Also, how to remove ambiguity    3 Marks

4. Draw string from following 

S--> aXa | bX 

X--> a| b| ^        3 Marks 

Longs Question 5 marks Each 

1. Using My Hill theorem prove that language L of strings, defined over ∑ = {a,b}, ending in a is regular.

2. Construct PDA for following       5 Marks

S --> SX | XY

X--> ZZ 

Y --> 0

Z--> 1

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Cs402 current Ppr 

Some mcqs moaaz file baki sab handouts sa

1, Decidability se coloumn match krna tha

2, make CFG for Nullable and for Null?

3,What is valid and invalid alphabets explain with example?

4,Question: Is it possible to make CFG for infix and postfix expression’s using derivation tree?

5,hat is the corresponding FA for RE =aa((a+b)(a+b))*


Mcqs kuch past file sy ay thy 

Question cfg to RE 

Parsing techniques


Ak diagram the us. Ka pda diagram banani the


Mcqs kuch aaey past files sy

-Short questions mein 'RE di hui thi CFG nikalni thi

-Production of PDA tha

-CFG ko CNF mein convert krna tha

-long question mein myhill theorem tha 5 marks ka

Overall papr acha hogya 

Us time smj ni aati aur bhol b jata q k questions confusing hoty..

Allah pak sbko kmyab kry Aameen

cs402 paper 

questions I remember 

write three parsing techniques  3 marks given Q pre (  given values I can remember )  and R ( 01 to find.11101 ) prefix QinR

cs402 paper 

Mostly mcqs quiz and past papers

Subjective m syapa 🙄mealy machine aa gai

TG Ka L+ draw krna tha

FA,TM,PDA  m btana konci language cfl accept krti h or konci ni.

CFL ko CFL m covert krna tha 

Unit production with example.

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