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CS501 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these cs501 finalterm current papers 2022. Also, it can give cs501 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with downloads pdf files below.


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Mostly Mcqs past paper moaaz file sy hi thy.

Subjective men difference between getheadername() and getheadernames() aya tha

Missing code type krna 

Column match krna etc


Briefly explain the handshaking mechanism used between peripheral and CPU in the

interrupt driven IO? 

What do you understand by Wireless Transmission? Write its features.

According to the Radix conversion algorithm, convert 39210 to base 16 (Write down all

the steps which are involved in conversion)

What is a Dynamic RAM (DRAM) and how the cells of a DRAM operate?

What is the purpose of Tri-state buffers in data isolation or capturing?

How can you describe the Stored Program concept?

List any two advantages of Virtual Memory

How many platters are required for a 40GB disk if there are 1024 bytes/sector, 2048

sectors per track and 4096 tracks per platter?


Mostly come past mcqs file

Question no 1: connection-oriented communication 

Question no 2: error control three common 

Q no 3: 8086/8088 is ki bytes btni thi or 2 register k name?

Long ma DMA ka work transmission data ? 

2nd long: bytes k brye ma tha k kesy pin code ko address or address ko pin code?

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 *Cs501 final term*

Some mcqs from MOAAZ's and Waqar's files


1. Advantages of Virtual memory (3)

2. Raid 4 and raid 5 differences and similarities (3)

3. About Interrupt Mask(5)

4. What is Sign magnitude (3) 

5. If the average time is 8nsec of the bus.....then we have to tell this bus can execute 30million IOPS .......by numerically (3)


90%mcqs from past moaaz file and waqar files



Describe 4*8 cell

Explain relation between #IOR and#MIOR ya MMIOR that

3 numerical thaa

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1)Issues of computer network 

2) paging, page size, symbol table 

3)functions of programerd Input output

4)how symbols table are created Ni FALCON-A assembler

Cs501 paper

mcqs from past papers 

some subjective also from past

boo booth procedure se 848 ko recode krna tha

Tri state buffer kia hota hai 

floating point addition a f subtraction k points

DMA q important hai

*cs501 today paper*

Q1; briefly note on a daisy chain interrupt?

Q2; types of the memory cell

Q3: What is interrupt and performing its function?

Q4: steps  in Floating-Point Addition and Subtraction

Q5: m value di hui thi r frequency r fraction of time maloom krna tha


Two examples of hardware interrupt.

 Which symbols indicate Print out of paper 

Normalize. Form of floating point representation give example


Some from past paper and conceptual

2 mcqs 37 lecture se the

Ek mcqs input handler ki type wala thaa mtlb brach

Ek mcqs signed.value se.thaa

Ek.mcqs error command.se.thaa

Ek.mcqs  floating se tha

2 mcqs numerical.wale.thee

Jis me hum ne binary krna.thaa

And 2nd convert krna thaa

Values di gai thii

Lkn uska answr 186 tha

And now.


Sirf ek.question dia gia.thaa jis me.interup handler die gai thee

And baqi all to all numericals thee

Ek numerical ka concept 31 leacture se.h

Ek.ka 43.leacture

Ek 41 leacture ki i think 

2nd ya 7 exmaple thii

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