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CS610 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Cs610 paper 

mostly mcqs past ppr se aye thy moaaz or waqar wali file se 

Subjective ...

1. TCP/IP different approaches of address resulation algorithm in a real environment .write their names

2. Write the name of routing metric used by routing RIP.

3. Find the last assignable host address in the block if one of the subnet ID is

4. Suppose a medical campans has computer network where TCP is usee for flow control of transmission which mechanism is used bt TCP for controlling the flow of data.

Cs610 ppr  


1)Coloums thy unko match krna tha

2)ARP Protocole ki implementation ki technqe likhni the

3)Ip adress diya tha uska 

Sunet likhna tha

Total number of bits used ya btana tha

Aik question ma diagrame di hoi the ya btana tha k IGPs and EGPS k about btana tha kaha kaha use hovy haii

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CS610 06:00PM

Short and Long Questions

1. End to end connection?

2. Tcp flow control mechanism

3. IP class for 245 hosts?

4. Protocol for application to application?

5. -> bits used for subnetting? Class? Subnet mask?

6. Full name of multicast protocol to use inside an organization?

7. ARP technique for computers in an organization to have host independent table in each computer?


1. Which class create boundary between 1st and 2nd octet?

2. Bits of IPv6?

3. Virtual packets work same in ____ as frames work in___

4. 1111 represents which class?

5. Point to point connection?


1) Internet roting protocol k name likhny thy

Answer (Rip, bgp, ospe) 

2)Aik diagram thi us me next hop likhny thy

Answer ( and

3)Unicast multi cast ki definition di hui thi bs name likhna  tha

4)Services provide by tcp

5)ADAPTIVE RETRANSMISSION ki definition di hui thi bs name likhna tha 

6) udp or tcp/ Ip ki definition likhni thi

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Almost mostly mcqs  past my sy hen ,moaaz ki files my sy ay hen 

sub my ak ques tha 1111 agr strt my ay to konsi clas hgi

ak my octet num dia hoa tha or subnet or host btana tha ,


All mcqs from past papers 

Subjective b past sy thy lekin thori wording change ki hui thi

paper whole mcqs was from waqar sidhu files

Prepare waqar sidhu file you can attempt all mcqs cs610


Sary past papers m sy mcqs aye hn flags destination 

 Arp teniques k name likhny thy

Tcp/ip internet working  kin c layer krti a km sari layers k name likhny thy or use b as a long

Ak class address tha


Mostly mcqs all from past papers:

Question Topics: Multicasting, iPv6, assignable host address, UDP, TCP, Data Exchange, Table lookup, closed-form connection

Cs610 paper 11am

Sara past papers sy aya tha asan tha bht Or

Kuch TCP/IP UDP OSPF IGP and EGP k questions thy

Cs610 paper  

mcqs past papers mae sey thy 

0r short mae 

Flood and prune defination..

ARP techniques names 


Long mae IPV6 Adress Notation topic tha 

0r CIDR notation..



1. Informational messges ki types alag krni hen 

2. layers k about tha . Yad ni

3. Classes alag krni thi

cs610 paper  


1.IGP and EGP bta na tha kahan kahan pe kounsa ho ga ip address tha iss ka

-subnet mask

-numbers of bits used

-usable ips


1.what is multicast and its types

2. wo kounsa router hota hai jiss main router updates and create without intervention of administrative add and deleting krta hai

3.question tha uss ka submet mask bta na

4. tcp/ip techniques in real world koun koun si use hoti hain write there names

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