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EDU433 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Define professionalization

Give 2 knowledge strands of Islamic values standard

Difference between pre and post professionalization

Knowledge of subject matter standard, pls explain

What is professional conduct? How can teachers implement professional conduct in schools?

What is role of teachers in school

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Difference b/w professional conduct and professional practice

5 positive and red flags or implementing instructions 

Characteristics of Islamic teacher 

Difference between professional and professionalism 

Explain new professionalism changes with comparison to old professionalism with two examples

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5 marks questions 

1. cognitive development 2nd last chapter mein 10 standards un mein sy aik hai

2. role of teacher in school

3.5 teaching professional standards

3 marks questions 

1. diff profession and professionalization

2 marks question 

Define profession

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