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ENG301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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ENG 301

🔰 MCQs

1️  in chronological resume ........ Dominates 

*(Work section) *

2️ While preparing for interview don't need to...

a) Research for company

b) Practice key question

C) memorize key question

D) learn problem and concern of company

3️ which of the following is/are types of negotiation

*( all of the above )*

4️ Falsely implying that a lawsuit has been filed 

is a sensitive issue in which type of letter 

*(Collection letter)*

5️ Lack of established credit is one of various reasons of refusing credit


6️ When the task is assigned to someone task force is .....


7️ Recommendation is one of the ...... Part of formal report 

*( Text part)*

8️ Parts of letter Includes 

*(All of the above )*

9️ Raw date should be appear in......... At end of your document 

*( Appendix)*

🔟 Double space between paragraph is used in which type of report's format 

 *(Short Informal reports)* 

🔰 *Short questions of 2 marks = 2*

1️ *Choose the right answer* 

A Business Report is an impartial, *Objective / Subjective* planned presentation of facts to one or more persons for a 

specific *Domestic /business* purpose




2️ *A variety of listening skills can be learned and developed with practice enlist any two of them* 


• Attending listening 

• Encouraging listening 

• Pause 

• Reflecting listening 

• Active listening

🔰 *Short questions of 3 marks = 2 Questions*

1️ *Write yes or not in front of each statement*

A) The interoffice memorandum form was developed to save time


B)  The formalities of an inside 

address, salutation, and complimentary closing is omitted in memorandum


C) The memorandum or ‘memo’ is a very rigid form used within an organization for communication


2️ *Which is a focal point of resume experience section or skills section discuss with logical arguments*

🔰 *Questions of 5 marks = 3 Questions*

1️ Write any five faults of Resume writing?

2️ Enlist five types of meetings?

3️ Mention any five sections of thesis statement?

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Resume ki definition

AIDA k steps kitny

Complains solved (fairly, quickly, tactfully or all)

Meeting called because law demanded ya confusion ma. 

Market report ma kia hota. Future price, available product in market, 2 option yad ni.

Cover letter ma kia nai hona chahey.

Summary, conclusion, recommendations ma kon sa method use ni hota, new, old, told, comprehensive



*1*. Writing successful sales letter is.....*difficult*

*2*.  The first part of writing memorandum is .....*heading*

*3*.Report that include investigation of an issue or a problem is called.....*Analytical report*

*4*. Include pertinent personal history in your resume, pertinent means....*relevant*

*5*. Which part of your application letter present your strongest selling point in terms of their potential benefits to organization.....*middle*

*6*. letter of transmittal belongs to------part of formal report.....*prefatory*

*7*. Which of following demands in a practice so that you can have eye contact with your audience.....*reading*

*8*. Which of the following important in thesis writing process.....*all of above*

*9*.If you have material that is too long to include in table it should be included as....*Appendices*

*10*.Always choose ..... language in referring to a complaint.......*neutral or positive*


*1.* Today's employers are looking for people who are........*able and willing to adapt to diverse situation*(2 marks)

*2.* What is the purpose of resume? (2 marks)

*3.* Confidence is important while making an oral presentation. Explain it briefly. (3 Marks)

*4.* T/F (3 Marks)

*5.* What are the best ways to deal with the hostile questions during oral presentation? (5 marks)

*6.* T/F (5 Marks)

Name the five section of thesis  documents

Markek report m s 5 true or false  

Task force waly topic m s true false 

Preparation minutes of meeting m s true  or false mcqs conceptual thy

Three text part of research proposal (3)

Five comon mistakes in letter report(5)

Five parts justification and explanation in claim letter (5)

Five parts of work experience section in resume (5)

How would you prepare your research proposal (5)

ENG301 (Business Communication)

*Subjective part:* 

 *1) Define Bibliography in thesis? 2 marks* 

 *2) write any five statements to avoid letter writing reports. 5 marks* 

 *3) five Ture or false statement. 5 marks* 

 *4) ek statement thi jis k 4 options thy ek select kr k Thora sa explain krna tha usy.  options are proposal, business proposal, writing proposal and market proposal. 2 marks* 

 *5) explain three C's ? 3 marks* 

 *6) Psychological barriers hinder?* 

 *7) yd ni a rha* 

 *Remember me in your prayers 🙂*


Steps of theses , buffer definition , presentation sy ak q , effects of bad new report , 5 number ka q true false.

Q.1; 2 True false related to negotiation 5 marks 

 Q.2: 2 true false relating to self-denying  and self-exposing 3marks

Q3. Writing Credit letters? 2marks

Q4. Writing resume 5 components of Work experience section? 5 marks  

Q5. 2 Fill in the blanks   3 marks

Q6. 5 True false about memos. 5 marks 

Q.7: Again 3 true false.3marks

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1.write Format of thesis and 5 features.

2.write format of resume

3.three Cs of credit

4.write name of 2 parts of memo

13 Mcq's from last 2 Quizes recently attempt 10 & 10 numbers waley. 


Q1. Five Solid points about organization good negotiation (5 marks) 

Q2.  True False (5 marks) 

Q3. Fill in the blanks with 5 options. (3 marks) 


10 MCQ's almost from past papers and 7 subjective questions:

Q1. What is MLA & APA stands for? (2)

Q2. Write down 5 points when selecting a Topic? (5)

Q3. What is three principals for writing sales letter? (3)

Eng301 paper 

Mcqs 10  past ma sy thy kuch book ma sy easy thy


1.Pre employement  types name

2. Oral presentation name only two

3. True /false

4. Specific to general thesis statement long 

5 what style and format of good resume long

6. Appendix


Mcqs third quiz men sy 3 aye 

1 action research

 2Five name of section of thesis

3 CPS stands for

4 five name of letter error

Baki true false or fill in the blanks 


Write general to specific statement of thesis?

Write on memo and its purpose?

Give in one line answer about combine resume used for which purpose?

Fill in the blanks about functiional resume?

Three true and false?

Objective about resume and chronical resume, some true false objective mostly third quiz.

Eng301 paper 


1. How you can improve listening??

2.  Guide line for cover letter???

3.  Explain that type of research which conducted without a control group ???

4.   Write note on appendix???

5 .  ak easy paragraph dia ta , os me 3 Khali jage te aur 3 options de te woho lagane te 

6.   True / false te , woho bi quiz wale te, mtlb Jane pehchane te kahe nazar se guzre te ,

7. 2 marks ka ak question ta os me 3 appeals leke te pehle se aur 2 Khali jage chore te os me lekne te but pata ni Chala k ye Kia cheez Hy , collection letter se related Koch appeal te


McQ easy thy quiz last wali file m s thy 

1 Enlist five common errors 5 marks 

2 Minutes are an official record proceeding choose one o f them which is the right answer according to minutes......... Five option thy us m discussion, assignment record, comments ,time period,aik or tha yad nai is m s Jo sai tha usko explain krna tha Thora( 5)

3 In recommendation which personal data is excluded to resume (3)

4 Enlist 2 objectives for credit refusal letter (2)

5 what are the best ways about student's question in oral presentation (5)

 3 true and false or 2 fill in the blanks the overall paper easy tha ALHAMDULILLAH

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