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ENG503 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Eng503 today paper

2 method teacher use internet in teaching.

Code switching.

One challenge that a teacher face in classroom words pronunciation.

Long question

Parallel corpus

2 types Motivation learning system.

language learning factors any five.

stress word

discourse in ELT

reference types and explanations

how a learner learns in cross culture

Mostly Mcqs all of them were from handouts

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learn corpus

verbal techniques of vocabulary 

critical period hypothesis 

deductive approach ome type explain perceptive or descriptive 

halliday question

l2 motivation three dimensions

1 Ik questn tha three dimensional wala kuj.....jo mujy itna haas nai ata tha

2 How teachers use internet writ two uses

3 Ought to learning k about aya tha 5 marks ka

4 south asia mn english ka kia mukaam tha is tra ka koi qustion tha....

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 Eng503 today paper

3 questions of three marks. 

1. Diff b/w pidgin and cerol.

2. Write the name three approaches given by Halliday?

3. Write the name of three approaches of " need analysis"?

3 questions of 5 marks

1. Explain about how to improve Research cultural analysis in Pakistan?

2. Write to disadvantages of inductive approach(IA)?


10 mcqs from past quizes and  from handout.  

3 marks questions:

1.What is corpus or carpora? Give 2 example. 

2. Three maxims of polite

3.How does Cheating Affect Individual and grouping Learning.

5 marks qtns:

4. Give Six reason to Apply Literature to ESL Teaching

5. Socio-context factor National Interest Affect L2 Motivation

6.Write Two difference between Spoken and Written Discourse.

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