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MCM304 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mcm 304

*MCQs were too easy👌*

Short and long Qs👇

Note on Early Development of Pakistan television.

5 marks. 

Elaborate propaganda

movies with example

5 marks.

How did media covered Unification of east and west Germany.?

3 marks

Write down Hawk's statement about war on television ?

3 marks

Which class launched anti Ayub movement?

3 marks.

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MCM 304 

What's is the effect of globalization on our culture?

Write down the name of inventors of Loud 📢 ?

USA and britian protest again Iraq  ( Al-jazeera) 


Who owns authoritarian and social covit theory 

Write 2 assumption of authoritarian theory?

Mcqs sari dates thi aik

 tha just written form Mai 

Who invented transistor.  🥲

MCM304 - Mass Media in Pakistan

1. What was the reason of publishing Hamood Ur Rahman commission report after 34 years? 3 marks

2. For what purpose a tape recorder can be used? 3 marks

3. What was the agreed trade policy between the Pakistan and India regarding film industry? 3 marks

4. What role computer is playing in the field of mass communication? 3 marks

5. State the difference between Mass and Public? 5 marks

6. briefly discuss the remarkable development in Television after 1960? 5 marks

7. Describe the process of evolution of films in subcontinent? 5 marks

8. What is chip? Explain its functions in Computer. 5 marks

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*MCM_304* ppr..


PTV National


First Television War


Format of Current affairs in Radio

Categories of TV advertisement

categories of Comedy


MCM304 today paper

what play the role radio in 2nd world war

significant Bolan PTV

why Ayub khan resigned (5 marks)

what is sponsorship (5 marks)

why lebsone end in 2005

ye aj ka paper jo muj aya tha.........kafi easy tha

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