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MGTE630 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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28 mcqs not a single one from quizes totaly from handouts 

1. 3 Virtual team names 3 marks.

2. How Human bias, human cognition and human perception affect good decision making 3 marks.

3. Ways to enhance creativity 5 marks.

4. 3 interpersonal conflicts with example 5 marks

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MGMT 623

3 marks

1. Enlist 6 categories of decisions

2. What 3 organizational activities ate achieved through strategies

5 marks

1. 5 myths related to creativity

2. Characteristics of open communication

MGMT 623 12.30

Mcqs quite tricky 

1. 3 decision making conditions 

2. 3 types of meetings

3. Team pay

4. Team building strategy (case-based)

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Mgmt 623

10.sep.21 06.00pm

28 mcqs

From handouts


Q1 how can leader eliminate barriers in communication

Q2 types of decision

Q3 rules for effective meeting

Q4 principles of learning organizations

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