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MGT211 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Today's mgt211 ppr 

MCQs conceptual they

Short Questions: 

 1. How you will convince your manager that penetration pricing is beneficial for their brand?

 2. According to Garner write 3 roles of managers

Long Questions: 

 1. Write 5 Differences btw Traditional Business and Digital Business

 2. 2nd long was related to advertising (Don't remember the actual question)

More Questions

Long question

total quality management

Communications channels

Short Question...

Classification of product tha 


When u buy a product. What u 1st think

Mgt211 paper

kuch past papers sa ayaa tha or conceptual bhi tha

2 long question tha

1 how to design advertising messages

2 differences between quality control and quality assurance


Mcq almost (23 -39)

Mcq almst (41 - 45)


Components of quality Assurance


Wholesaler vs retailer


Categories of Consumer product.

And (convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty goods)


Plan layout 


The most repeated mcqs in 2021.

1: Fb user on Mobile:90%

2: Iso 2000 standard organized system

3: Mcq from Demographics.

4: Inspection definition

5: Information definition

6: External failure cost camponenets

7: Software application

8: quality assurance definition

9: Hyper link definition

10: melinails are more educated

11: which is not characteristic of melinials.(ans they use less smart phone)

12: shopping goods (mcq from it's points)

13: objective of abvertisment

14: object of business massage (slect language)

15: people visit internet before shopping (80%)

16: people using goggle app before buying

17: multi network app(Omni app)

18: digital marketing using both(web advertising +mobile advertising)

19: time utility (when we need a product it avail)

20: closing stage

21: promotion definition

22: which is not part of selling and marketing ( name of product)

23: international pricing (having prblm of currency,rate exchange , insurance e.t.c)

24: officer of digital marketing name

I mentioned here all my s.q , l.q and mcq exept 4....

Some MCQs conceptual ur Kuch handouts sy That's it.

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2 Quality assurance

2 Digital marketing

1 Trading concern

2 Promotion

1 Appraisal cost

1 Production

1 Productivity

1 merchandise

2 benchmarking

2 product life cycle

2 pull/push strategy

2 questions (3 marks)

Define the components of appraisal cost.

What is the difference between retail seller and industrial seller?

2 questions (5 marks)

Suppose you are the manager of a coffee shop, how will you distinguish your company from others?

What will be your choice or promotion if you are a manager of a firm.

Today mgt 211  

paper easy tha 

mcqs handouts se aye the kuch (4,,5) conceptual the google facebook web users se related the.

questions sirf 4 aye the (2, 3nmbr ke aur 2, 5nmbr ke) 

long questions me traditinal vs digital business less cost ke five points

2.prodctivity wala tha

aur short me

1. ap apne boss ko ya kese explain kare ge k product maturity stage per ha 

2. product quality se related tha thora conceptual tha

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MCQ kuch current papers or quiz mn sy zayada sy zyada 3,4 ayn hon Gy..

Kitny present log cellphones py Facebook use kerty hain.

Kitny persent log Google sy website visite kart Hain Kisi cheez ko purchase karny sy phly.

Baki sari conceptual statements thin...

Subjective part asan tha 

Mgt211 Today paper 

Mostly conceptual paper aia h 

3 number k 2 question or 5 number k do long question thy 

Aap and manger ko kasy convenice krny gy k price skimming k mutabeeq aap ka brand perfect h 

Quality control sy related tha  k manger apny employees ko kasy train krny ga k new products produce krni h 

Short m kuch product di hui thi un ko separt krna thi k ye industrial h ya consumer h

Mgt 211

Retail selling industrial selling 3 marks 

Enlist 2 things which a company need to overcome to online business 3 marks 

Briefly explain 5 forces of business 

millennials ki characteristics 

kitny % log Facebook mobile py use karty hain kitny % nearby places search karty hain.

Short question

Difference between retailer and wholesaler.

Long question

Personal selling.

Kay variables in benchmarking.

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