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MTH100 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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mth100 paper

Mcqs mostly from definitions

Standard deviation

Trigonometric identities

Find slope

Find mean

Math 100


 Matrices is used for, bionemial theorm (8+1)^8 last me kiya ata h, amplitude ki definition me mean waly ko blank bana kr diua tha, y=arccosx ki range, double formula waly me se ek option bana hoa tha 

options bs itny hi yaad h


 Centre or radius maloom krna tha (x+2)^2+(y-3)^2=9,


Pie chart wala tha jo practice question me h urdu or english language wala bs value change thi unka angel maloom krna tha, 

Qualitative or quantitative variable ki definition,

Practice questions me se hi tha k balls wala red or blue probability maloom krni thi

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Pathagoren identities




Mean Midian or mod ki values di hoi thi or btana tha ke + skewed ha ya negative skewed ya symitiric


Find mean deviation if x is2,3and4and mean is3 


Compute kerna tha ek value ko


Find the slop ke 2question the

Cofficient of variation ka ek question tha

Five steps of summary data ka tha ek question

Ek trigonometry waly main sy tha lon.

Or ek arithmetic sequence wala

Long ma M.A.D find krna thha

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Find allocation angel 

Find slop 

Pythagoras theorem statement

Tan theta find Karna inverse ma 

Find probability

Math 100

Find radius

Prove cos theta 

Find angle allocation 

Prove tan function prove double angle formula

Mth100 paper

Short 2 marks

1.Write. Domain and range of sine inverse

2.mean find krna tha ungroup data ka

3. Trigonometry identities prove krni thi

4. relative frequency find krni thi

5. Mean given tha or employee ki wages given thi 4 ki or 5th find krni thi

math100 paper 

mostly paper trigonometry sy aya tha find harmonic mean  three contribution statistics ki quartile find krna tha mcq mostly sin cos k aye thy

Mth 100

Today paper

Arithmetic sequence

Find mode

Find mean absolute deviation

In graph find the angle

R lecture 19_20 main sa b aya tha r mcqs b in dono chapters sa he ay thy

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