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MTH201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Q1. 3 marks

RoR and Preferred stock after net proceed maloom karna tha.

Share value 10

Dividend p.a 4

Floating expense 1

NP=market value - floating expense


Q2. 3 marks

Equity. 50%

Beta stock 0.8

Beta debt 0.6

Evaluate all values of beta.

Beta portfolio and variance formulas lgney thy.

Q3. 5 marks

Stock A ror. 8.5%

Probability A 0.55

Stock B ror. 12.5%

Probability B 0.45

Find RoR and risk of stocks.

Single stock formula,s lagny thy.

Q4. 5 marks

Large asset and small asset advantages.

MCQ,s are all conceptual not from any file.

Sml se 2 aye cml se 3 aye

Dividend se 2 dividend payout 2 portfolio se 2 risk se 3 ror se 3 leverage se 2 wacc se 3

Baqi end k chapters

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Mcqs from handouts but not so difficult


Integral given and r²=4cos2ΓΈ of rose petal in ist quad find limit only

Y=3-x. And y=3-x² find point of intersection

Find line integral of integral 2xdx and point (0,2)to(2,2)

Find crul of F

Find grad div A

Find arc length

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Mth201 paper 

Total 26 question and 20 were mcqs and 6 was subjective type...

3 subjective questions about Sampson 1/3 rule including one long on the same topic

1 long was about to find arc length using s formula

1 short was about to tell about exact or not exact differential..

One short to llr(t)ll and the value of r(t) was given

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