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MTH202 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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MTH202 Important Things

lecture no 25

*prepare Example And Basis*

lecture no 27,28

*Find GCD important for objective*

lecture no 29,30,31

*k-combination, k-selection, k-sample*

Lecture no 33

*Tree Diagram*

lecture no 34 

*inclusion-Exclusion principle*

lecture no 35

*Most important probabilities type Question*

lecture no 40

*Euler Circuit (Most important)*

Lecture no 42

*Isomorphic Graph*

lecture no 45 

*Kirchhoff's Theorem*

Mth202 ppr 3:00pm


Factorial k aik question tha

Number of possible ways find krny thy r aik scenario given tha iska

Tree diya hua tha r btana tha k iski degree kya h

What is the number of chromatic in a given tree


How many possible ways 10 students, 5 girls can be chosen if three of them are selected only once.

A dice is rolled twice, what is the probsbility that

A): 5 appears only once

B): 5 appear at least once

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Bht bht easy paper tha 

A to Z mcqs past moaaz or Waqar wali file sa bht easy tha.

Short ma 

Mathematical induction



Digree of graphs 

Combination permutation 

Aya tha 

Or long ma 

M+n is even and prove m-n is also even

*mth202 paper*

Alhamdulillah boht acha hogya

MCQs sary past Se thy

Question main 

Combination find krna tha

Find Sequence of degree 

Draw a graph of 6 vertex and 7 edges

Adjacency matrix (5 marks)

Gcd (500008,78). (5 marks)

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paper mai probability kay sub se zaida question or mcqs thy or long mai bhi 1 tha math,chemistry students wala or 1 long division algorithm se tha baqi overall asaan tha aghar mcqs or thora both concept ho toh...

paper mth202 

Quize thy past paper me ny aik file ki thi moaz ki us me sy 5 quize ay thy quize asan thy book me Jo remarks Dy hoty hy definition and formula 

2 marks ky question thy 

Aik me fictorial btana tha 

Secnd me transpose btna tha 

3 marks ky question

Mathematical Induction ka yhan sy ly kar ye lambanaa question tha 

Simple graph aya tha three vertexes ka tha 

5 marks ky question thy 2 aik btna tha even ko prove kro methods of proof waly lecture sy tha 

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