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MTH603 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mth603 today paper


Past paper sy thy.


1.. Newton’s divided difference ka formula likhna tha

2.. Divided difference find krna tha(table given tha)

3.. Simpson 3/8 find krna tha (long)

4.. 2nd long bi divided difference sy related hi tha (tym khtm ho gya tha es liey statement gor sy ni Dekhi

5.. R.k method ka 2nd formula likhna tha or es sy related mcqs bi ay thy


1.Table dia hua tha Langrange formula lagana tha

2.Newton divided difference formula likhna tha

3. Milnes predictor formula lagna tha aik question ma

4.  Trapezoidal formula lagna tha 

5. Y'=t+2y tha is ko do dafa differtiate krna tha

Mcqs sary past papers sa hi thy.

1. Richardson's formula

2. Global error tha milens predictor

mth603 paper


2question tripozoidal 

1question simpson1/3

1question simpson3/8

1 Runge kutta k3 formula

Objective almost from past papers

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All from file and recent quiz file

Short 2 marks:

 trepozoidal rule + runge kuuta method k1&k2

Short 3 marks:

Trepozoidal + Euler method

Long 5 marks:

Adam-moult predicator method+Backward diff table

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1 question 

Simpson1/3 rule or

1 question trapezoidal ka 1question euler ka general formula

1 question back ward differentiation ka

 baki mcqs mostly past ma sy thy


Trapezoidal Rule ke 3 question aye thy 

1 Muller Method ka aya tha

1 Runge Kutta Method ka tha or 1 Euler Method ka Tha

mth603 9:30am

Mcqa past sy bhi thy new bhi thy solve krny waly thy

Subjective divide difference formula sy table bnana tha

Rungee kutta method ka long question tha aik

K2 or k3 rungee method ka formula tha

Mth603 ky formulas must krain jisy formula aty hain usy paper ata hai

MTH603 paper 

Only 50% mcqs past papers sy tha or mostly theoretical tha or


1.  X or Y ka table dya howa tha 1st divided difference find krna tha..2marks

2 formula of k1 in Runge-kutta method..2marks

3.Euler method sy ak question solve krna tha..3mark

4.simpson's 8\3 sy ak question solve krna tha...5marks

T.or backward diffence table bnana tha..5marks

math603 paper

Mostly MCQs past ka thy. 

5,6 ak conceptual....

3 question newton divided difference

2 question  euler method.

1 question.  Simson

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