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PAK301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Pak301 timing

5 to 6 MCQ past paper sey  thy Baqi book sey thy but bahot he easy.

Q1. Major industries lehkni the...

Q2. Constitution 1962 k bary main lehkna tha.

Q3. National language issues in pakistan.

Features of objective resolution of 1949(5)

What steps government took for development of industry (5)

Relation lobia (2)

3 points of provincial structure in 1956 constitution

*Pak301* paper

Total MCQs 28 (1 marks each)   

Now Subjective Portion 

Q.29: Give 3 points on Controversy of National Language in Constitution of Pakistan (3 marks)

Q.30. How you look exam system of Pakistan (3 marks)

Q.31. What are the problems of agricultural sector that Pakistan faced ( 5 marks)

Q.32 . What Problems Pakistan faced in first 11 years (1947 - 1958). ( 5 marks).

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2 Short Questions:    3 Marks

1) three point's of Islamic provisions of 1956 constitution.

2) How you see the relationships of Pakistan with developing countries.


2 Long questions.. 5 Marks


1) enlist 5 points of One house parliament of constitution 1956

2) Why Pakistan striving to build the relationships with Islamic countries.


28 MCQs

Pak301 Paper

MCQs men old dates wagera dekh Len.

Pakistan ke Kitne governal journal the.

Two language formula date.

Last governor journal.

PIDC establishment date.

Virtual university or allama Iqbal open university distance learning hen.

AIML leaders modernist Muslim the.

Nawaz sharif ko 1993 men kisne bartaraf kia tha.

Kharif obtain in October - November.

1973 Constitution suspended between 1999-2001.

Pakistan ko Sab se phele Iran ne accept kia tha.

Pakistan ke north men china he.

Pakistan men Texla china ki madad se lagi.

More than 50% population Pakistan ki 21 Saal ke under he.

Presidential referendum  was held by the elected BD member on 17 Feb 1960.

1956 Constitution ke mutabiq national assembly ki 310 seats thi.

Ayub Khan ko tashkand pact, election of 1965 or 1962 ke Constitution in Tino wajohat ki waja se reign Dena para.

According to Bogra formula in upper house east Pakistan have 10 seats.

1970 men awami league ne 160 seats hasil ki thi.

1962 Constitution 25 march, 1969 ko end HOA.

Pakistan men 1947 ki azadi ke bad government of India act 1935 modified home nafiz koa tha.

Short Question

1) Write 3 points on Shahab-ud-din commission.

2) Pakistan importance in Asia region is tarhan ka tha Kuch.

Long Question

1) write note on Pakistan Iran relation.

2) Highlight the features of 1962 Constitution.

Pak 301current paper

28 mcq 5 to 6 past paper mostly new mcqs not past paper 

Short question

1 write down the advantages of forestes?

2 ) First pbc report?

Long question 

Define foriegn policy.and its envirionment issue

Shaha- bu-din commussion in 1960?

1.Pakistan spring season start

2.Banazir government dismiss reason

3.higher education.

4.1958 constitution articles and schedule

5.1973 t0 1977 constitution 

6. Bpc committee established on

7.kharif may kon se crops hai

8.steel industry 

9.distance education institutions

10.pakistan share shortest border 

11.first governor 

12 first president 

13. Islami-talimat 

Yeh sb mcq may thay baqi dates thi


MCQ’S   28

Jo files yaad keye wo aae hy nahi or sub dates waly thy Sub tukky lagae😥 bus duon ky zarorat hai.🤲


Agriculture importants of Pakistan.

Three points on Constitution of 1973.


2 long aae 5 numbers bhi wahy kia jo shorts me kia time bhi nahi tha bus kerdiya.

1.Z.A. Bhutto ny kia kiya Pakistan keliye.

2.Mohmmad Ali Bhogra ky bary me tha Pakistan ky hawaly sy.


           (28 Mcqs)

Some from Handouts & Some conceptual

     *2 Short & 2 Long Questions*


1. Objectives resolution.

2. Note on Z.A.Bhutto.

3. Muhammad Ali Bogra formula.

4. 1977 Election & Agitation.

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32 mcqs


1. Federal system of 1956 constitution

2. Why relations with islamic countries are central point of pakistan ideology


1. General elections 1970

2. Describe pakistan relation with islamic countries

Pak301 paper       

Total mcqs 28 mcqs and 4 subjective question                              

Q1: importance of agriculture in Pakistan.      

Q2; importance of minerals resources in Pakistan                             

Q3: first bpc report             

Q4: yahya Khan k related tha

PAK 301 Date 1/9/2021 time 12:30pm

Total question 32 Jin ma sy 28 mcqs or 2 short 2 long question thy past papers sy 5 sy 6 mcqs ay thy 

Short question 3 no K thy jin ma foreign policy Ka 1 question aya tha lecture 28 sy. 

Long question 5 no k thy jin ma five important Features of the Objectives Resolution

1949 ka 1 question tha lecture 16 sy. or 2sra Pakistan or Russia K relationship K bar ma question tha lecture 28 sy.

Pak301 paper

_Literacy rate of Pakistan

_power of sanete

_1973 constitution

_Minral resources of Pakistan

Or es k alwa 28 mcs thy jiss main 1950 to 1980 tak assembly or Martial law or es k alwa bhutto k bary main msqs ty

Or summer season start

Or women literacy rate

Pak301 Time 3:00

Woman literacy rate of pak?

General election 1970? Five points.

Livstock farming in Pakistan?

Pak 301 4:30pm to 6:00pm*

Quiz sab dates poxhi hoi ti 30 quiz te. Or 10 questions te


BPC 2nd report

Koh-i-Malik wish

5 points of 1956 constitution

R Aik wo quetsions ta ke Pakistan ki congress ke Kya issue ha

R Pakistan ki land fertilizer kese better ki jati r mge yad ni bas isi types ke 10 questions te


Mcq mostly from past pprs

Short que...

Modern education system ...2

LOC ...3

2 major crops ...2

Dissolution of 1st constitutional assembly ....2

Significance of objective resolution ...3 

Solution of the issue of national language in 1973 ....3 

2nd BPC report ....5 

Civilian failure of Benazir and Nawaz Shareef fail ....3

Pak 301 paper


Bilateral relationship are so important

First feature of objective resolution

Powers of PM in consistution 1952

*Pak301 Paper Questions* 


*Write six natural resources.

*Write five relations of pakistan with islamic countries.

*Land reforms

*Distance education

*Separate or joint electorate 

*Major issues from1947 to 1953........

*Pak 301 Paper*

Subjective kuch conceptual thy or kuch handouts say.

Who was Khawaja nazimuddin?

About buttto era.

Education role.

Foreign policy

5 features of Muhammad Ali bogra formula...

Today Pak study 301 time 12.30

MCQs past paper Quiz

Objective resolution

1965 constituent

1920-21 ki hijrat p brief

Pakistan ki timeline season


2 question (3 marks)

2 question (5 marks)

National Language issue.

Flaws of examination system issue.

Ayub khan points.

how to pakistan resolve Kashmir issue .

*PAK301* 🇵🇰

Questions: ( 3)

1. Nuclear policy of pak

2. Shahabudin Commission in 1960

Questions: ( 5)

1. Fundamental rights of 1956 constitution

2. Briefly explain Organization Islamic Conferrence

Today pak 301 paper 

Mostly mcqs last lecture sa aye hue thy

ECO or RCD 3 marks

Importance of education 5 marks

Third martial law 3 marks

PAK 301 Paper  

Q#1 What are the reverses of Oil and Gas in Pakistan? 

Q#2 write three points of Prime Minister vested in the constitution of 1956?

Q#3 write the Islamic provinces characters of the constitution 1956?

Q#4 write a note on the Movel affect vasted on the non-cooperation Movement? 

R MCQs sb handouts S thy easy thy.

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