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PSY101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Biological and primary motives 

Bandura reciprocal determinism explain 

Emotional intelligence explain

2 ways of enhancing job analysis. Motive and its types. Pupillometrics. Steps of job analysis. Procedural memory


1 emotions theory,

2 Thinking in your on words.

3 intelligence ki 2 theory with details

4 Primary motive in details



Conformity compliance

Ek history ky bandy ki human beings ky liye jo kam kiya us ky bary main long

Emotions and 6 types that happen everyday

Type of ways to access customers to buy specific products

Criticism against 


Define personality in your own way 

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Psy 101

Magda arnold thoery

Abc model 

Galvanic skin response

Psychopythalogy jis me insna jo bimari prhta h us ko lgta h wo us ko possess krta h us ka nam likhna tha disease ka 

Primary and secondary drives

Baqi mcqs thy wo bohtt easy thy


Chp 29 ma humanistic approach of therapy ( Carl rogar psychotherapy)

Chp 35 ma psychopathology ki koi theory btani thi…

Chp 25 ma two memory disorder

Chp 44 sport psychology ma sport man home ground py acha perform krty hy ..agree not not. Statement justify

Skin change (psychotherapy)

Umara is woman. And she is talkative. ( psy job analyst)

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Q:1. What is iconic and echonic memory??

Q:2.  what’s is psychopathology???

Q:3 what is appeal for quality??

Q:4 conceptual question

Psy101 paper


1. differentiate between social intelligence and moral intelligence

2. James- Lange theory of emotions

3.forensic psychology contribution in various judicial area's

4. Amnesia py brief note


Q'n: write three main problems with examples (3 marks)

Q'n : causes of schinophezia. (5marks)

Q'n : Causes of changes in behaviors. With examples 

Q'n to write Human needs with examples.

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