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PSY403 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Leader is related to different traits. 5 number

Audience inhibition 

Explain Fear Humor and repletion who are the most important and why? 5 number

3: Facter affecting dissonance 3 number

Or baqi mery conceptual thy ab yad nai mcq easy thy 4/5 conceptual thy 2 or 3 quiz jo howa usi me sy aye thy mostly

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1 Baby faced people consequences positive & negative

2 How attachments occur

3 Kins selection describe

4 Group think charachterstics

5. Scenario m sy prejudice and discrimination alag krna tha.

6. actor-observer bias

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Psy403     5pm paper


Negative positive factr of cohesiveness.

Normative influnce .

Involvement types

Audiences variables


Paper boht easy tha mostly mcqs quizes me se aye 


1.Brain activity in social affiliation

2. Group think

3. Prejudice and discrimination

4.Heat hypothesis

5. Allport identified cost arousal rewards

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