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PSY404 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Psy404 paper 

Quiz 2,3 mn sy 4,5 aay thy bki conceptual tha but easy thy.

3 marks k 4 question thy

=Difference btw antisocial and avoidant personality.

=Three pica factors

=Difference btw fetishistic and transvestic disorder

=3 factor of sociocultural factors 


5 types of substance indused disorder. 

Or aik statement the k ali ko events bhool jaty hain or sath mn identity bhe to ye kon sa disorder hai...

3 no ke questions

3 pathophysiological aspects of personality disorder

Ek scenario ka NREM arousal disorder mein se batana tha 

Insomnia ke symptoms

2 longs, general features of feeding and eating disorders....   substance intoxication

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Psy404 paper

1.gender related Question.

2. eating disorders.


4.gambling disorder.

5. disruptive, conductive disorder.                                  

 PSY404 paper

Short que 3 marks each

1) 3 alcohol disorder

2) explain dissociative disorder 

3) what is huntingtons disease and define neuro cognitive disorder of huntington disease

Long 5 marks of each:

1) pysiological,social and genetic cause of personality disorder

2) ek case tha us me cluster disorder identify krna or justify

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PSY 404 paper....



Binge eating disorders average timing?

 Any three Symptoms of insomnia?



1. define Disruptive impulsive control conduct disorder k bary .

2. pdissociated disorder k bary kuj tha likna.

3. pedophilic disorder.

4. person having trauma and incoordination of the hallucinogens. elist the condition and explain.

5. Repression.

6. substance-induced disorder.

7. person seek staisfaction from doing the theft or set fire ,name and explain the disorder

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