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PSY406 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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PSY406 Current Final Term Paper

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5 Short Questions, each carry 3 marks:

Debate about effective teacher, one group of psychologists believe that effective teachers born, other believe tey made, In this regard what do u believe, give own opinion?

Enlist factors which lead to lack of tolerance, Have u experience any of those?

Are u intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, explain with the example of daily life.. ?

An experiment was conducted to check the effectiveness of anxiety treatment, during experiment group A attained the individual therapy session and receive new medication while Group B receive Placebo, in this case Group A refers to What? Identify + briefly describe?

Piaget give four stages of development, Enlist any three of them?

5 Long Questions, each carry 5 marks:

What role modeling plays in a moral development of a child, Explain with the help of two real-life Examples?

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Identify any 5 factors that facilitate social learning in individual?

During the process of information storage Human mind and computer perform six main functions in the same manners, Enlists any five of them in your own words?

Enlist any 5 prerequisites for objective type of test construction?

The student will be able to draw, Multiview drawing of assigned machine parts with 90% accuracy, this is an example of which instructional objective (behavioral or cognitive) identify + justify your selection?

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 Psy406 paper

1. objective types test .

2. planning in normal routine teaching 

3. reciprocal questioning 

4. self-determination

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