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PSY408 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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#Short_Questions: -

As an asthma educationist what coping skills u will recommend to 13-year-old Sara?

Soluble and insoluble fibers-

How HIV transfer from mother to child?

Characteristics of pain sensations.

Long questions: -

Give 1 stressor as an example from your life and make a coping process design for it.

sara is suffering from domestic stress how as a student of psychology u will evaluate stress effects on her social life?

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5 consultations before taking exercise?

Primary prevention?

Role of other in pain experience of children?

Age gender and culture effects on stroke?

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Psy 408 

4 short questions of 3 marks 

1. chemotherapy.

2. list 6 risk factors of overweight/obesity.

3. 2 Self-statements to control pain.

4. list 3 chronic diseases in developed countries.

long questions of 5 marks.

1.role of sociocultural factors related with heart disease.

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