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PSY502 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Symbolic stimuli

Defense mechanism any four

Environmental psychology

Overall paper easy tha


Short questions

What is anti-anxiety drug

Which opinion was same of Leon and sergai 

What is shadow 

3 branches of psychology gained permanence in china

Long question 

Id ego and superego

Human psychology discusses and five systems of body explain 

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Psy502 paper


•Who is colonizer according to Frantz fanon.

•Mention the core purpose of group and family therapy.

•Mental disorder due to the influence of evil spirit.Do you think that this idea still prevailing in our society.

•Write three differences of frued and jung theory.

•Explain the view point of Carl Jung regarding 'Dream'.

•Explain Psychodynamic methodologies.

Or mcq's zada handouts sa aye thy.

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MCQs starting waly chapters se thy sary.


 personality k 3 points likhny thy carl jung k accord. 

Differentiate between colonizer and colonized.

Differentiate between geographical field and field of experience


1:Carl jung view of Dreams

2:Enlist three types of drugs used for mental treatment and explain one of them.



Leontive learning by classical conditioning with example 

Positive psychology 

Psychosocial needs and who gave this concept 

Environmental psychology with its example 

Kurt lewin theory of leadership which is best according to your view 

Projection with example

Psy502 paper 

Deference Btw freuds and Henry.

What is projection. And it's examples in our lives. One example just.

Describe cardiovascular system.

What is orientation. It's five types.

Organ inferiority?

Psy502 paper

1. Contribution of horney

2. Types of personality functions 

3. Neurotic needs and which one ur life and why?

4. Vyogstky theory

5. Treatement of mental. Illness in. 13 and 14 century 

And mcqs were also.very easy. 

Only 2 or 3 mcq were conceptual others were from handouts

Psychology 502 

McQs easy thy sary handsout sy thy 

1. Positive psychology ki variable likhni thi 3 marks

2. Role Reversal psycho drama 3 marks

3 what is globalization 5 marks 

4 chapter number 27 sy ancient Greek and Romans mentally ill iska cause likhna tha or brief bhi krna tha 5 marks

6 Alexei leontiev ka ak question tha stimuli ki kitni category hain inko thora brief bhi krna tha 3 marks

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