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SOC101 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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SOC101 – Introduction to Sociology, Spring 


Farah is living in house with her grandparents, brothers and their wives, unmarried sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, and cousins. Farah is living in which type of family?




Which one of the following is NOT a reason of declining family size?


Why Davis and Moore's approach to social stratification is criticized the most by all?


Religion is used as the pain-killer for oppression

It presents one sided picture of society

It is subjective in nature


Differentiate between the concepts of emigrant and immigrant.   

Explain environmental issues from the Conflict Perspective.

Describe any three ways in which a woman may face discrimination at work.

In a rural family set up of Hamza, the grandfather was a farmer but his father is a software engineer in a multinational company now. Which type of social mobility took place in Hamza’s family identify and briefly explain?

What problems do increasing rate of urbanization creates in cities in Pakistan and what are the factors behind these issues?

Following are the reason behind urbanization in cities in Pakistan

Suggest any five ways to increase women participation in workforce in the developing countries like Pakistan.

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1)calculate the population growth rate in the world if the 90 is birth in year and 50 death in a year per 1000?(2)

2)concept of family?(2)

how social conflict 3)cause social change?(3)

4)role of parents in inoculation of gender trait among female and male child in a early year?(3)

4)benefits and disadvantages of giving  good salaries and jobs to highly skilled people?(5)

5)social function of government?(5)


1)Weber’s theory comes closer to explaining the dynamics of stratification...........?  modern 


2)For a country population growth rate is calculated as?........... Births – Deaths +

(immigration – emigration)

3)In an industrial society like US an 

average person discards about 2.5 kilograms of paper, metal, plastic, 

and other disposable material daily (over a lifetime about 50 tons). it is an example of?.......


4) linked 

to socially constructed notions of masculinity and femininity?


5)Men have instrumental task except?

rearing children

6)Davis-Moore approach?...... 

it is lacks empirical basis.


How bad environment affects learning.?5marks

How lifestyle can depict a social class of a person..5 marks

If a girl married to more than one man. Underwhich social category she falls? .3 marks

What kind of social change u observed during ur adulthood and how it affected...3 marks

Describe any 3 effects of first socialization..3 marks

Write name of any 6 resources scarcity due to overpopulation..3 marks


Karl marx and max weber approach conflict in case of school of thought.

Demography and industrialization improvent

Why it is important to see environment defict

Factors affecting mobility

Primary socialization with examples

Parameters to avoid rapid increase in population growth


Describe society poverty 5

Criticism about Malthus theory'3

Residential pattern3

School kis trha social inaqulity ki wja bn rahy ha 5

Weber views about social change 3


Fertility rate ki diff. Or formula

Three functions of family

Statements di hui thi polyandry btna tha or area b 

2 long

Post- industrial society ki culture debates btani thi

Ap gender role of inequality of socialization why or why not 

SOC 101 

1)Feminism ka barey ma.

2)Law of seventy 

3)Environment view as a conflict perspective

4)  gender socialization


Mcqs were easy from Marx theory 1 from Davis Moore approach structural-functional paradigm. Gender stratification. Social class - vital statistics- cultural change- primary teacher required in 2010. 

3- and 5-marks question:

What is demography? Why it is important?

Conflict theorists believe regarding gender inequality

Environment racism

What are dimensions a social planner can plan an idea for socio-economic development?

Social change

soc101 paper


1.diffrentiate between kinship and family. 5 marks

2.acid rain and its effects on environment. 5 marks

3. quality of textbook in Pakistan. 3 marks

4.justify school stimulates culture innovation. 3 marks

5. define meritocratic? 3 marks


Long Questions

1-What factors we study in population?

2-Nuclear family remain dominant industrial society explain?1-

Short questions

1-Pakistan have health facilities to bear increase in population.

2-Functionalist perspective maximize social inquality explain.

3-Inter-generational mobility explain with example

4- what is hydrogical cycle ?explain

3 to 4 MCQS from old files maximum conceptual

Soc101 Current Final Term Paper

According to Weber’s theory, why white-collar professionals earn more as compared to blue collar workers?       3 marks

The population growth rate of Sri Lanka is 2 per annum. According to law of seventy, how it estimated on the double of population rate?              3 marks

What is social group? Explain in detail.          3 marks

Do you agree that the elderly marriages increasing in Pakistan? Explain.           3 marks

Distinguish between intra-generational and inter-generational social Mobility with examples.           5 marks

Is demographic change leads to social change? Explain.             5 marks

Or mcqs mixup thy lekin easy thy.

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soc101 paper

Social change se tha 1 due to modernity 

 Shooling socialization se enlist six. Long 

How we can reduce droptout in Pakistan long

Patriarchy kam hu rhi is py feedback dena tha 3 nmbr ka

Kinship explain

2 marks

Over population se tha resources type kuch 3 marks 


16 MCQs easy not difficult except one or two were tricky. 

4 questions of 3 marks:

Role of family in concentration of wealth 

Malthusian theory of population 

Household definition 

Three long-term objectives of population 

2 questions of 5 marks:

Davis and Moore theory of stratification 

Global dimension of environment 

soc101 paper final term 

Mcqs 16 number

Total question 6 in which 4 questions 3 marks and 2 questions 5 mark’s

Deferred gratification 3 mark’s

3 factors that affect increase Population growth 3 marks

Social stratification 5 mark’s

Crude birth rate with example 3 

*SOC 101* 


1. Gander inequality  

2. Pedagogy 

3. Social change 

4. Class deference 

5. Karl marvs max weber  theories deference

Soc (101)

Short questions:

1:Intra generation 

2:Rise symmetrical families 

3: economic production 

4: absolute number of illiterates increasing a population females illiterates 

5:solid waste: according “disposable society” define average person discards rates


1: environment issues impact from inflict theory

2:Basic themes of post-industrial society


Short question 4 thy.

1.Feculty per short note.

2.Moertality per short note.

3.Pakistan me social change.

4.Pakistan me education.

Long question 2 thy.

1.Urdu teachings ky importance.

2.Modern societies ky importance pakistan ky reference sy.

soc101 paper 9:30

Role of family (3 marks)

Weber theory 6 classes name ( 3 marks )

population waly me sy tha sirilanka ky anum se related (3 marks)

environmental issues on conflict perspective  (3 marks)

weber theory long (5 marks)

Demographic transition (5 marks) 


Karl Marx class and conflict how global dimension effect environment and ecology 

How women are judged at work place

soc 101 paper 

16 Mcqs were easy but not from past papers. 

Davis mooree theory 

2 environmental issue percpective conflicit wala 

3 population and food growth relationship. 

4 kinship 

5 why population growth should control. 

My mcqs were mostly from last chapters. 


1: fucadity define 

2. iner generation mobility intra generation mobility 

3 how class effect on success or failure of life 

4: areas that improve socio-economic of country 

5: issues of environment

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