BIO302: Molecular Biology Current Final Term Paper 2022

BIO302 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Objective was easy 

What is Terpedo Model? 2

What is Alternative Splicing and also write it's importance? 3

What is ADAR? And how many ADAR genes is present in the human? 5

Why plasmid is not regarded as the cell's genome? 5

Write the two proteins names and functions of lactose metabolism? 3

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Operon model

RNA processing

Cossmate explaination

Group11  introns 

Transcription  m use hony wali 2 protiens or un k functions: Lamda phage k functions


Q1What is plasmid and where is present.

Q2What is splicesome.

Q3How many classes of spliesome and its name.

Q4 open complex  transition 

Q5 how neulosome help in change in transition machinery to bind  promoter.

Q6 what is riboswitch.

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1; Define Alternative splicing and its importance (3 marks )

2: Define terminating sequence (2 marks) 

3: Give two features of replacement vector (2 marks)

4: Write operon model five step (5marks)

5: How many CTD heptatide in yeast ,Drosophilia and human(5 marks)

6: Why mRNA has short life span (3marks)

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