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BIO303 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Q1: What kind of ions formed during ionization of water? What happens with hydrogen?

Q2: How proline amino Acids is different from other amino acid according to cis trans functional group?

Q3: What is the function of catalyst?

Q4: Difference between oxidation and reduction?

Q5: what are enzyme inhibitors? Discuss 2 classes of enzyme inhibitors? Explain.

Q6: what do you study about elimination reaction in biochemistry?


1:Oxidation, reduction difference

2:what is enone.

3:competitive & noncompetitive inhibitition

4: Equilibrium constant

5: why pure water pass electric current.

6:effect of competitive inhibition on Vmax

Mcqs slides mei se thy aur questions 

-Competitive and non-competitive inhibitors


-equilibrium constant 

-enzyme inhibition 

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2 marks 

 Why pure water can pass electric charges 

How phynatic acid can form 

How activation energy effects the rate of reaction

How delta G and delta G’⁰ are related to each other 


5 marks 

Name 5 chemical reactions that are take place in biological systems

What is an enzyme inhibitor? How name 2 types of enzyme inhibitor





Define Ph and at 25 degree what is the ph?

Function of coenzymeA as cofactor

Velocity of vmax

Name 5 types of reaction that take place in biological system

What is enon? With example

What is entropy

What kind of ions are formed during ionization of water?what happens to the hydrogn ion?

Enzyme’s inhibitors and their types


Hill energy and transition energy

Pure electrical current

Activation energy 

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Today My paper Bio303 


1: Which ions produces during ionization of water? what happened to hydrogen ion?

2: Name the five types of chemical reactions takes place in biological systems???

3: effect of vmax on binding site?

4: origin of phynatic acid?

Bio-303 paper

1)Why pure water carries electrical current?

2)What do you mean that energy hill and transition state in a chemical reaction? 

3) what is entropy?

4) How we can find 

5)equilibrium constant? 

Enzyme inhibitors long question

6) Difference between oxidation and reduction long question

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