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BIF401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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bif401 paper 

💖: me is shabina jutt and right now i share my paper qustions

💖: firstly mcqs jo yd rahy wo btati hn

,💖: 1 mcq: protein sequence obtain from ( uni port ans  )

💖: 2 mcq: large amino acid is ( trytophan)

💖: 3mcq: positive chrg amino acid ( lycine and arginine)

💖: 4 mcq: information require for for folding present in in (amino acids)

💖: 5mcq: mfg use for (proteomics)

💖: 6mcq: which give info about precursor proteins(psts)

💖: 7mcq :spectrometer measures the protein by (options thy mass ya charg ya weight real ans mass per chrg he lkn ye nhi tha or none ka option b nhi tha khd cnfrmkrn ye )

💖: mcq8:the value of one angstrom is (1.0 but no cnfrm)

💖: 9 mcq:exact matting requres which typ of nucleotides(samme allignmnt same structure or same sequense or same nmbrs cnfrm nhi bcz two option aaty thy or asa koi option bnta nhi tha)

💖: :mcq10x and y positions are show by( ......)

💖: kch mcqs midterm quizes mn se thy trees allignmnt mn se mje yd nhi rahy lkn half mcq midterm jo hm quiz dety thy us mn se thy💖: abh mn questions btati hn

💖: (quest1) advantages of folded proteins over denatured proteins

💖: (quest2) how loops are found after the finding of alpha and beeta sheats

💖: (quest 3) factors that participate in folding protein

💖: (quest4) role of amino acids 💖: (quest5) gole of folding protein

💖: (quest 6) how propencity table can help us

💖: (quest7) what is mass spectro meter and raw file


1. Fragmentation of protein

2. Ab into modeling and limitation

3. Individual integrative scoring technique

4. How we can find the loops after finding the propensity of alpha helix and beta sheets.

5. Explain terms:

*Folding protein over denaturation of protein.

*Factors for protein folding

*Role of amino acid

*Goal of amino acid.

See Also:


1) spectrometer (2)

2) salient features of ORF 

3) is protein sequence determining difficult? 

4) how we have the algorithm of best protein sequence 

5) how we can determine the sequence of protein 

6) factors affecting the protein folding 

7) what happen when protein infolding 

8) how can find out the loops when computing the a-helix and b-sheets 

9) goal of protein folding 

10) Why Chou fasman algorithm is used. 

11)Difference b/w MS and RFF

12)Improvements required in Chou Fasman Algorithm

bif401 (11:00)



- How we study computatinally?


-prediction of protein structure 

- score in silico fragment scoring 

Mcqs = mostly Imran ki past file mai say thy or bht easy thy.

BiF401 paper 

Characteristics of amino acid

Role of amino acids

Disadvantages of denaturation over folding of proteins

Types of 2ndary structure of RNA

How we can find loop after propensity of alpha helox and beta sheets.

What happened when pH is less than PK

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1) choufasman algorithm need 

2)goals of protein folding

3)protein folding importance

4)protein infolding

Optimal enery protein

5)role of amino acids

6)score in silico fragment comparison

7)factors affecting the protein folding

8)loop of alpha helix and beta sheets

Bif401 today ppr 

Role of amino acid

Protein folding sy related kafi questions 

Protein folding 

How to identify protein sequence 

Optimal energy function 

Protein denaturation wala question

Goal of protein folding 

What is difference between DNA & RNA w.r.t nucleotides .

Need of chou fasman algorithm 

Best algorithm used for protein folding?

BIF401 Paper

in silico fragmentation

wht protein structure is predicted 

characteristics of amino acid

beta turn according to chau man

beta and alpha loops after knowing the propensity

what happen when the ph is less than pk ?

Homology modeling extract sequence of protein tag

How can propensity table help us 

Summary of chou fasman to predict the region of alpha helix5 marks

Advantages of protein folding goal of protein factors affecting on protein structure 5 marks


1. how homology modeling predicts protein structure  

2. characteristics of amino acid  

3. goal of protein folding  

4. advantages of protein folding.


Advantages of protein folding goal of protein

characteristics of amino acid

PH value is less then pk


folding protein and denature or protein, role of protein folding

Forces act on protein.  10 marks 

Or mcqs sare past paper se thy Aman Khan wale or Imran k Paper m se

bif401 Exam 

Q what happen when the ph less pk  

silico fragments 

Protien sequence tags

Example of chuo fasman or 

Ak alpha or beta sheet wala tha 

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