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ZOO501 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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What is larva

What is reproduction

Function of dynein

Name of protective chemicals in egg

Vegetal pole and animal pole

What is involve in recognition of egg and sperm in sae urchin

Mcqs from sir Arslan file

*ZOO501 Paper*

*Mcq's mostly from file 

*Total Questions:*

*Short+ Long Question*

*(1) what is gastrulation?*

*(2) How proteolytic* *enzyme secrete  cortical granule reaction?*

*(3) Hierarchical development?*

*(4) cadherins k bary my pocha tha ksh?*

*(5) 3 lyers k bry my* *pocha tha animals ki?*

*(6) Cleavage sea urchin kosh istrh k pocha tha bhol gia but tha cleavage k bry my long?*

Zoo501 paper 

1. Autonomous specification 2marks

2. Function of dynein 2marks

3. Function of estrogen in egg development 3marks

4. What involve in the recognition b/w sperm and egg in sea urchin. 3marks

5. Diff b/w animal and vegetal pole 5marks

6. Two components of acrosomal reaction in marine invertebrates 05marks

MCQs Arsalan bhai wali file sy thy mostly.

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Zoo501 paper

1: Role of ions in the late response for activation of egg metabolism

2: Differentiate sex and reproduction

3: Which hormone resume the miotic division

4: Write two major objectives of development.

5: role of cortical granules

6:species specific sperm attractions in which species

Mcqs Jo subjective file parhi usi m sy thy…agr subjective ghor sy parhyn to mcqs ho jaty hyn easily

Late response egg activation of metabolism long

Polytail mRna function…long

Air Space??

Diploblastic animals with example.3 marks

Syncytium…2 marks

Sperm propulsion protein name…mcq

Granules ka size…170000 wala mcq tha

Grnules ka koi size pocha tha

O.1 to 0.3 um

0.2 to 0.4 um

0.1 to 0.4 um

0.1 to 0.2 um ye options thy

Different ( tissues, cells,genes,animals) have different precursor

Brackets waly options thy

.Egg response to sperm 5

. 4 levels of gene  expression 5

. When accrosomal reaction start 

.how to determine gene 

. How dynein help in propulsion

What is the function of areal protein in mamal?

What are parts of sperm?

Stages of frog cylce ?long

What are the function of germ line ?

Bone diseases and causes.

What is larva?  

Functions of gene? 

Composition of egg yolk?     

J.hammerling work? 

Pax6 define?functions of fertilin proteins in mammals? 

Zoo501 paper 

Germ and somatic cells (5)

5 steps of attraction of sperms and eggs(5)

What is enhancer(3)

Fusion of sperm and eggs(3)


Polyspermy (2) me mcqs from file


From where Mucopolyssacarides realese)2

Regulation of gene expression)2


Animol hemisphere)3

Strategies of 2 commitment)5 marks

Interacgion of sperm and egg 5 step)5marks

Mcqs few from file 

Bki handouts  sa

How exchange of material in paramecium?

Differentiate the eggs in sea urchin is tra ka ta exact statement yd ni but ye question file main ni ha  ar objective file sy ty handouts bi read kr ly but easy ty .

On which stage species specifications recognization occurs in sea urchins

Blastula formation in frogs

Dyenin protein

Principals of development 5 marks

Which kind of reproduction occurs in protista

Mcqs handouts

Paper zoo501 


2.what is created.when gene are rearranged.

3.write two stateragies of commitment

4.How extension of acrosomal process in urchin

1-How sex is complished in protists? 2 marks.

2-How many ribosomes are produced by amphibion oocyte? 2 marks.

3-what is meant by developmental hierarchy? 3 marks.

4-what is air space? 3 marks.

  1. Write roll of bicoid and nanos in syncytial specification? 5 marks.

6-write composition of egg yolk? 5 marks.

1 McQ yad Aya…

Programmed cell death is called

A) apoptosis

B) Necrosis

C) both

D) none

EcoR1 breaks down the DNA in which sequence??


es Tarah k 4 options thy

What is UTR 2

What is MTIF 2

Role of calcium in cortical  5

Promoter and enhancer diff. 5

Gametogenesis 3 .

Mcqs mix thy file aur handout sy

What is syndrome?

5 steps of  sperm n egg fusion?

3 domains of transcriptional …?

Developmental hierarchy ?

Blastopore formation in frog

Sea urchin cleavage…..MCQs


Homology modelling 5 marks

Advantages and disadvantages of ab-initio methods

Feature of extraction 3 marks

Ab-initio methods 2 marks

Why it is difficult to predict outer layer 2 marks 

Mcqs about homology paralogy orthology sequence pucha hua tha

Lead validation steps kitny

Ab-initio methods is used for which purpose

Match RNA sequence or aesa khuch tha ..

Role of estrogen in egg development 2 marks 

DNA binding 3 marks 

Nanos bicoid 5 marks 

Role of plasma membrane in egg 2 marks 

Role of ion in slow mechanism 5 marks

Function of sox9 2 marks

What is chemotaxis 3 marks

What is naïve 3 marks 

Rules of development 5 marks

Role of calcium in cotical granule reactions 5 marks


1:Gachid larva belongs to

2:spiral cleavage is found in

3:Enhancers are…. Modulaters

4:Rana pipen lay eggs 2500

Resact is found in which species 2

Gametogenesis 3

Peroxidase function 3

Stages of frog development 5

Ion and late response in egg metabolism 5 marx

Mostly paper was from sir arslan file.


 *Short* *Question* 

 *1=* Explain Enhancer with an Example. *(2)* 

 *2=* What is a membrane 

action potential..... *(2)* 

 *3=* Explained Somite..... *(3)* 

 *4=* Corona Radiate.... *(3)* 

 *LONG* *Questions* 

 *1*: What are important parameter weave together from anatomical approach to development..... *(5)* 

 *2*: Structure of Sperm.... *(5)*

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Zoo501 paper 

Difference between polyspermy and monospermy.

Difference between vegital pole and animal pole.

What is axonema.

Proces of regulation in conditional specifications. 

Late response of activation of egg metabolism.

zoo501 11:00 am

1.  Two molecules of histone protein. 2 marks

2. What happened to membrane potential of sperm in capacitation. 2 marks.

3. How genetic material exchange in paramecium. 3 marks

4. Define pax6.

5. Blastoceol and it’s functions.

6. Yolk composition.


What happen when egg n sperm fuse? (2)

Parts of the sperm head?(2)

Write any 3 distinct layers which form skeleton? (3)

Vegetal n animal pole? (5)

Which inhibits the formation n placement of blastomeres ?(5)

One question I forgot 😑

Mostly paper from Sir Arslan file 

Zoo501 paper 

Mcq,s from file

Cleavage 2 marks

 Stages of Development of frog 5

Developmental hirarchy.   3

Cortex of egg.  2

Function of zp3. 2 aik 3 number ka question yad nhi rha

Mcqs from handouts and questions was.

1: protozoan.

2: domain of commitment 

3: compostion of egg shell 

4: bivoid  and na on 

5: part’s of sperm


1. Role of nanos (3)

2. Pax6 (2)

3. Work of wilcox and his colleagues (3)

4. What happen when dyes come in contact with calcium?(2)

5. Role of cortical granules (5)

6. Difference b/w promotor and enhancer (5)

My paper ZOO501  

Mostly Arslan wli file se 


1 What happened when sperm and egg fuse?

2 blastocoel and it’s function?

Types of egg insect

Bki handout se

zoo501 Exam

1: syncytium

2: composition of albumin

3: describe MITF Factor

4: structure of egg long question

5: developmental hierarchy of animals long question

6: gametogenesis short question

Mcqs: sea urchin cortical granules____ 

Aik zp3 wala mcqs tha

Promoter _ start of transcription 

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