BT102 Microbiology Current Final Term Paper 2022

BT102 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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paper Bt102 

Mostly Mcqs PPTs se thay

Hypersensitivity and its types (5 marks)

PCR and its steps (3 marks)

Name of drugs that inhibit cell wall synthesis (3 marks)

Characters of fungi (5 marks)

Reverse transcriptase (2 marks)

Cytokines( 2 marks )

Antigen presenting cell ( 3 marks )

Capsomere ( 2 marks )

Endemic,epidemic, pendemic ( 3 marks )

Algea and it's structure ( 5 marks ) 

How antibodies defence the body of microbes ( 5 marks )

Bt102 Mine paper

1.What is the function of capsul? Name any two capsule of bacteria. 2marks

2. Difference b/w bactericidal and bacteriostatic. 2marks

3.Composition and distribution of microbiota. 3marks

4. Mode of action of tetracycline, streptomycine, chloramphenicol. 3marks

5. How infectious diseases transmit and explain it detail in vector, vehicle, contact. 5marks

6. What is inflammation.what are consequences of it. 05marks

MCQs ziada tar handouts sy thy

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BT102 Handouts PDF 

BT102 MCQs Final Term Solved

Today My paper of Bt102

Write Name of two anti-fungal drugs. 

Write basic features of fungi? (5 marks) 

Composition and distribution of microbiota

Write a note on natural active and passive immunity (5 marks) 

MCQs mostly from ppts 

Write asexual reproduction in fungi 

Location of aglea in the ocean 2

Method determine the drug sensitivity 2

Procedure Acid fast Staining 3

Name 3 nucleic acid of microbe 3


Which Antimicrobials effect the Essential Metabolites, Nucleic Acid Syn, Plasma Membrane, Protein Synthesis, Protein Synthesis. explain these 5

Bt102 paper was very easy from m. Imran files 


Microbial action 

Hyper sensitivity 


Why hepatin consider as a weak antigen.

Acid fast staining procedure.

Factors for composition and classification of microbiota.

Antibodies action process to microbes.

Describe the stages of viral replication.

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Today bt102 

1) asexual spore of fungi (2) 

2) Thymu skin wala aya ta (2)

3) clones selection theory (3) 

4) anaphylaxis diognosis treatment (5) 

5) western boltting procedure (5)

Bt102. Microbiology

Describe asexual spores. (2)

Describe types of symbiosis (3)

 How to diagnose hypersensitivity2 and how it can be treated? (3)

What is antigen (2)

What is inflammation? describe its conveniences.(5)

Describe following:

Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Dinoflagellate(5)

Bt102 (microbiology)

 *Short Q* 

1.Define weston Blotting

2.What are fungi describe its structure?

3.Define mechanism of type iv hypersensitivity?

4.What is type iii hypersensitivity and write its treatment?


1.Inflammation and its consequences?

2.What are algae ?

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