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BT201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

Are you looking at BT201 Final term Past Papers 2022? If yes, then you visit the right site. We Provide BT201 Ecology, Biodiversity, and Evolution Part II Current Final term Paper File.


Students must prepare these bt201 current papers for 2022. Also, it can give bt201 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the paper with pdf files below.


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Keystone species with examples?

How exotic predator disturb food web?

Examples of symbiosis?

Feeding ameoba?

What are the process of ecosystem influenced by land scape structure?

Gene and gene characterization (10)

Nutrient nd nutrient cycling 

Examples of 

foundation specie 

Define foundation specie 

Optimal foraging law 

Mcqs kch file sy thy or kch new thy handouts sy hongy ..

BT201 Paper

Nutrient enrichment 

Logistic growth 

Codon non sense codon + relationship b/w genotype and phenotype

Genetic drift 

Role of contractile vacuole 

Examples of symbiosis

Codon, nonsense, genotypes phenotype /10

Food web explanation/5 

Food web + structure of communities/5

Hardy weinberg principle/2

Effects of destruction of habitat ana warming of climate /3

Foundation species/2

MCQs almost PPT sy thy 

Saccharomyces is the study of -------

Worm-like roke in China wala _700 to 900

Mcqs some from file and some from ppts

Amoeba .k contractole vacule ka funtion....

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1. Chrmpanzi.....

2.Proteozonic time perid..

3. Herbeverous get..carbon nitrate sulpr r wt.. by..extra sekelton chitinous ir whta..

5.10 se 15 share filez ty

Example of foundation species?2  

Characteristic of protozoa3?

Logistic population growth?3  

Food web and structure of communities?5 

Define Codon, nonsense codon and describe the relationship between 

genotype and phenotype? 10 

Define Hardy-Weinberg principle. 2. 

Genes characters 10 marks

Exotic predators 5

Protists imp 5

Vacuole function in amoeba 2 

How birds and mammals regulate body temp 2

1) Factor affecting decomposition of environment 3

2) keystone species 5 marks

3) Disturbance and nutrient lost from ecosystem 5marks

4) Landscape element 3marks

5) Examples of symbiosis 3 marks

6)Feeding mode of amoeba 2 marks

1- Symbiosis examples

2- Ameoba reproduction

3- Habitat destruction and climate warming

4- exotic predators

5- genes and genes characterization

• Mcqs from ppts


Codon 10

Food web

Symbiotic relationship

Keystone species

Contractile vacuole in amoeba

Landscape element

McQ from file 

10 from pots but 

Conceptual and easy.

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