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ZOO102 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Students must prepare these zoo102 final term preparation 2022 important topics, questions, and an overview of the zoo102 current paper with pdf files below.


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Zoo102 Exam


1- Blastula (2)

2- Climax community (2)

3- Radial and spiral cleavage (5) 

4- Aquatic ecosystem in flowing water (5)

paper zoo102

Q.1 write two types of metamorphosis? (2 mark’s)

Q. 2 Define endosymbiosis? (2 mark’s)

Q. 3. Difference between oviparous and viviparous animals? (3 mark’s)

Q. 4. Deference between sprouters and seeders?(3 mark’s)

Q. 5.   Disadvantages of sexual reproduction? (5 mark’s)

Q. 6. Define Food chain and write it’s importance?(5 mark’s)

Objective ma

1.Facilitated Diffusion ki definition thi

2. Ovoviviparous ki definition thi

3. Which fatty acid single covalent bond between c atoms

4. İn female where egg formation tale place

Baki sb ppt sy thi.

See Also:


1.Deuterostom larva called

2.ecolgicall efficiency

3.dizigotic twins

4. Human papillations

5.disadvantage of sexual reproduction

6.facter effecting on reproductive potential


1. Def.performation theory 2

2. Def ecological efficiencies 2

3. Explain monozygo twins 3

4. ecosystem of stand water 3

5. Avian egg 5

6. Decomposer 5

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MCQs mostly from PPT

1. Difference between spiral and radial cleavage

2.  Definition of Coeleam 

3.  Epigenesis theory

3.  Biome

4.   Explain population growth rate 

6.  enlist Five level hiyrarchy


1. Density-independent Factors. 5

2.Structure of an avian egg.5

3.Human Population Growth.

4.Dizygotic Twins.3

5.Three Functions Of Epididymis Of Human Male Reproductive organ.3 

6.Neritic Ecosystem.2

7.Hemimetabolous Metamorphosis.2

8.Ovoviviparous Animals. 2

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