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ZOO502 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mostly MCQs past file and handouts

4 glands of generalized alimentary canal 2 marks

Define perstalsis 2 marks

Function of baroreceptors 3 marks

Parental care in mammals 3 marks

Adaptations in ectotherms in hot environment 5 marks

Three main types of blood vessels 5 marks.


Mcqs final term wali file se the aur khuch handout se

Uses of crop

Composition of bile

Role of chemoreceptor 

Kins selection

Types of blood vessel 5mrks

Write a note on Orinated anima 5mrks

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Mcqs mostly from imran file 

Role of gills in fish 2 marks

Orthinine urea cycle 2 marks

Parental care mammals 3marks

Hyopxia and aquatic animal response 5 marks

Panting 5marks


1-what is Rete Mirabile and write its function in tuna fish? 2 marks

2-Write function of hepatocyte in transport of nutrients? 2 marks.

3-What is difference between cortex and medulla? 3 marks

4-What is core temperature? 3 marks.

5-Write adoption of ectotherm to hot temperature? 5 marks

6-Write the role of nervous system in blood pressure.? 5 marks

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1 types of blood vessels

2 baroreceptors

3 ectotherm in hot environment

4 Aggregation

5 proenzmes with two examples

6 do vertebrate have lungs

Mcqs mostly from handouts


Mostly M.Imran file 

1.Name different afferent fibres.2

2.Congnitive map.2

3. 3 local vasodilator.3

4.Objective of ethology.3

5.Hyooxia.5 marks

6.Panting mechanism 5 marks

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