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ZOO506 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Paper Zoo506:


1) In the____ insects hatches from egg totally adult.

2) Name of top borer.

3) ___% of world population depends on rice for its food.

4) yellow rice stem borer is a____ pest of rice.

5) Duskey cotton bug make the seeds.

6) A single larva of fruit worm damages____ bolls.

7) Economic Threshold must be___ the economic injury level.

8) ____Carry the insects to long distance.

9) Intelligent cultivation and use of fertilizers will aid in control of____

10) Introduction of foreign insects is a____control.

11) The____ generally have the segments body grouped into two sections.

12) In the egg embryo shows the presence of___ segments in the head.

13) The thorax has___segments.

14) Organism that capture other insects called___

15) Conditions become favorable for___ of insects.

16) Cold is a___ factor for controlling the insects.

17) Which one of the following is true for biological control.


1) Define Cotton (2)

2) Define Arthropods (2)

3) Enlist the devices used for electrocuting insects (3)

4) Management strategies of rice grasshopper (3)

5) Describe the classes of Arthropods (5)

6) Benefits of IPM program (5)

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Describe attractants. 5

Economic importance of cotton crop....5 

Describe repellants...3

Biological control of white grub...2

Optimum temperature for insects at which they die....2

Damages caused by termites....3

IPM advantage 5 marks

Class of arthropoda 5 marks

Character of neuroptera 3 mark

Top borer if sugar cane 3 marks

Temperature for killing insects with low and high comparison 2 marks

 Species of cotton 2 marks 

MCQs are easy and conceptual both totally from handouts

Fruit borer ki complete details ic mai sy 3 question aye mujhy

Artificial control measures

Starin of plants

Objective conceptual tha

Early shoot borer symptoms

Benefits of ipm 

Define cotton

Give the names of mehtod of physical control.

Which physical factor extend the lenght --- of insects aisa hi tha question

Scientific classification

Symptoms of mealy bugs

Orders name

Field scouting

Name of shoot borer

Almost MCQs from past file

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Q1 management ways of Bemisae tabaci 

Q2 name of physical control methods

Q3 symptoms of damage of yellow stem borer

Q4 damages by termites

Q5 what is legeslatve method

Q6 whare place uses to kill insects

Rice grass hopper 5 

Measures to artificial pest control. 5

Sanitary control

Why stain of plants used

Why grasses and leaves burned


1-Host plant resistance

2-Biocontrol agents of sugarcane mealy bug

3-time and method of plowing

4-benefits of IPM

5- methods of artificial control

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