SOC101 Current Final Term Paper 2021 - VU Answer

SOC101 Current Final Term Paper 2021

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All the questions from handouts

MCQs are conceptual 

Explain how we enrolled in rural areas in Pakistan?

Explain the concept of family?

Deferred Gratification?

Some questions are scenario type.


Mcqs were from handouts 

1-Traits of masculine

2_outcomes of cultural poverty in children

3- the importance of education

4-reasons increasing in population in Pakistan 

5- the difference between kinship and family

6- social Change resources of change i.e invention,discovery, and diffusion  



Questions mien 

1-Implications of population growth

2- factors of different social classes

3- Historical dimesions of Environmental change (long) 

4- How children children grown up of lower class. 

5- How in industrialized society women is not subordinate to men (Long)

 Jidr sy mrzi ajata h paper mjsy phly walo ko Weber thoery ,davis and morvey,control of overpopulation,demography, ye sb ay thy

Soc101 current paper 


1, Explain demographic transition in own words.

2. what is the greenhouse effect and what is the result.

3, Explain weber's theory,, market position influences his or her life chances.

4.How should avoid the issue of overpopulation.

What is cross-class household explain with the help of an example 

5. Explain Davis more theory and it's benefits for society.


MCQs handouts sy thy almost 

3 population or birth rate or death rate kay baray mein thy 8 questions thy

1 why levis moore theory is most criticized by other schools of thoughts

2 describe market position regarding max weber theory of class and stratification 

3 what is the population policy of Pakistan 

4 explain three major residential patterns.

5 explain the causes of major urbanization

6 give your point of view on " why sociologists believe that gender is a basic conflict

7 describe the difference between developed countries or developing countries regarding the quality of air and the environment

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