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bio301 essentials of genetics Quiz 1 Solution Answer


1. Which type of genetics deals with movement of genes and genetic traits from parents to offspring?

a) Population genetics

b) Quantitative genetics

c) Molecular genetics

d) Transmission genetics

2. The diameter of condensed scaffold associated chromatin is

a) 11 nm

b) 30 nm

c) 300 nm

d) 700 nm

3. The two duplicated homologues separate during the anaphase stage of ___.

a) Meiosis I

b) Meiosis II

c) Mitosis

d) All of the mentioned

4. The sugar molecules on a nucleotide is ___.

a) Pentose

b) Hexose

c) Tetrose

d) Triose

5. Which of the following have chromosome number from 8 – 16 and their most common number is 12?

a) Fungi

b) Angiosperms

c) Round worm

d) Protozoa

6. In which of the cats the pattern observed in coat color is due to environmental effect?

a) Tortoise shell

b) Calico

c) Siamese

d) Bob

7. Which one is first time observed by Flemming in 1882?

a) Salivary gland chromosome

b) Lamp brush chromosome

c) Regulatory chromosome

d) Giant chromosomes

8. In life forms with the ZZ-ZW chromosomal sex determination, the males have

a) ZZ chromosomes

b) WW chromosomes

c) ZW chromosomes

d) Either ZZ or ZW chromosomes

9. Meiosis result in ___.

a) 2 haploid daughter cells

b) 4 diploid daughter cells

c) 2 diploid daughter cells

d) 4 haploid daughter cells

10. Which of he following is show the pleiotropic effects in humans?

a) Sickle cell anemia

b) Cystic fibrosis

c) Huntington disease

d) All of the given

11. The chromosome numbers can be counted easily only during ___.

a) Mitotic metaphase

b) Mitotic anaphase 

c) Mitotic prophase

d) Mitotic telophase

12. Kinetochores are formed at

a) Telomeres

b) Sister chromatids

c) Centromeres

d) Chromatid

13. Group of adjacent nucleotides are joined by

a) Phosphodiester bond

b) Peptide bond

c) Ionic bond

d) Covalent bond

14. In human ___ of somatic cells.

a) ~ 20 types

b) ~ 120 types

c) ~ 220 types

d) ~ 420 types

15. The region where two sister chromatids of a chromosome joined or “held together” during mitotic metaphase is called ___.

a) Telomeres

b) Centromere

c) p-arms

d) q-arms

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