CS607 Artificial Intelligence Quiz 1 Solved - VU Answer

CS607 Artificial Intelligence Quiz 1 Solution Answer

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1. ___ logic lets us define more realistically the true functions that define real-world scenarios.

a) Fuzzy

b) Classical

c) Boolean

d) Crisp

2. In CLIPS, ___ command is used to remove facts.

a) retract

b) delete

c) erase

d) facts

3. Identify the step involved in planning phase.

a) Knowledge acquisition from expert

b) Coding

c) Resources allocation

d) Identify concrete knowledge elements

4. Which of the following is one of the general stages of ESDLC?

a) Spiral model

b) Linear model

c) Beta system (tested by users)

d) Design coding

5. During __ stage, knowledge engineer works with the domains expert to acquire, organize and analyses the domain knowledge.

a) Knowledge acquisition

b) System planning

c) System design

d) Feasibility Study

6. In Fuzzy Inputs we resolve all fuzzy statements in the antecedent to a degree of membership between 0 and ___.

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

7. There are multiple parts to be antecedent, apply fuzzy logic ___ and resolve the antecedent to a single number between 0 and 1.

a) Operators

b) Rules

c) Conditions

d) Operations

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8. Which of the following is one of the general stages of ESDLC?

a) Spiral model

b) Linear model

c) Beta system (tested by user) 

d) Design coding

9. Identify the sets in which membership function is used.

a) Crisp set

b) Classical set

c) Fuzzy set

d) Boolean set

10. Identify the correct step used to start design of an expert system.

a) Feasibility study

b) Problem recognization

c) Scope study

d) Rapid prototyping

11. Identify the correct statement to list facts numbers 1 through 10.

a) clips> (facts 1 10)

b) clips> (facts 1 to 10)

c) clips> (fact 10)

d) clips> (fact 1) 

12. The goal of ___ is to analyse and structure the knowledge gained during knowledge acquisition phase.

a) Knowledge analysis

b) Knowledge design

c) Knowledge structure

d) ES design

13. In CLIPS, ___ command erases content of working memory

a) (erase)

b) (remove)

c) (clear)

d) (retract)

14. ___ encode the knowledge of rules and strategies.

a) Inference networks

b) ES requirements

c) ES Model

d) Knowledge base

15. In context of CLIPS, “agenda” is the list of ___.

a) Activated rules

b) Activated relations

c) Inactivated relations

d) Deactivated rules

16. The concept of partial truth can best be handled by:

a) Fuzzy logic

b) Boolean logic

c) Classical logic

d) Parametric logic

17. Reasoning in Fuzzy logic is just a matter of generalizing the familiar ___ logic.

a) Boolean

b) Complex

c) Cognitive

d) Supervised

18. Knowledge elicitation methods may be classified into:

a) Direct and indirect methods

b) Hierarchical and nonhierarchical methods

c) Data-Driven and application-driven methods

d) Direct and hierarchical

19. Knowledge acquisition techniques may not include:

a) Electronic brainstorming

b) On-site observation

c) Interviews

d) Surveys

20. In context of ES development, which of the following will be part of Planning phase?

a) Knowledge acquisition from expert

b) Coding

c) Feasibility assessment

d) Identify concrete knowledge elements

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